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Need Major Help With Diet

I hate chicken and get no energy whatsoever from it. I believe I got sick from it in Iraq. Most meat period. I want to try the anabolic diet, becuase I’m thinking red meat and fatty meat would help my testosterone and I gain fat easily so maybe the eliminating carbs would help.

I have been trying the warrior diet because I don’t know what I’m hungry for, but that is the worst diet and I need help coming off it. It it killing my back and stomach. I’m just horrible with portion control. I am 135 lbs. at 71 inches, but very bloated and feel stuffed because of the Warrior Diet.

I want to get back to a full body workout and cardio and wondering if the Anabolic Diet would work and if somebody could help out with a meal plan. Thank you for any help you can offer. I am in the Marine Corps and will likely eat at the chow hall, so counting calories is hard and everything is fattening, so that’s another reason I thought this diet would work out.

The only thing is they don’t offer a lot of cooked veggies so they would have to come from raw sources mostly. Also, I do not digest some foods very well, so for snacks in between I thought the Lean Body Labrada protein shakes would be good, but that is 40g so that might be overdoing on the protein. Any suggestions? I need all the help I can get.

Suggestions really your best bet is read that uber long AD thread since your interested in The AD. It should have all these questions and more answered if no then come on back