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Need Major Help for Plan


Guys it has been sometime since I have worked out. Two shoulder surgeries and building a house has made me very out of shape. I have done searches on workout plans and there is so many I was hoping to get some people who know much more about this then I do to point me in the right direction. I use to do the body part lifting in the past. I know there has been so much study on building muscle over these last few years I just wanted some advice.

I use to do 6 days on 1 day off. Chest/Back, Bi and Tri/ Shoulders/Legs throwing in stomach in each of those. Repeat 3 more days in a row and then take a day off. I saw what I thought was good results but wondering if a total body workout every other day would be better? Was looking at the Waterbury Method to get started.

I know you cant follow the cookie cutter workouts but it gets me started and some goals till I can figure out what works and what doesnt. Is there another workout plan anyone might recommend instead? Want to get as big as I can as fast as I can without injury due to lack of working out in 3 years. Appreciate any help and thanks for the time.



Don't do that

Stop reading articles, spend more time on the forums and do your original split :slight_smile:

Waterbury catered mainly for the sedentary, general population who simply wanted to "shape up" quickly...if you want to look like a bodybuilder though, train like one.

Progress on your lifts, get your strength back up.


If you're going to train body parts every 5 days (which it seems like your old split did and is very popular/effective) then here's some general guidelines to get you started again:

2-3 exercises per body part
2 bodyparts per workout
2-4 sets per exercise
6-10 reps per set
10-15 rep per set for legs
15+ reps per set for Abs/calf's

Each exercise for a bodypart should target a specific area of that body part (e.g. upper chest vs lower chest, back width vs back thickness).

Here's a popular split:

Mon: Chest & Triceps
Tue: Back & Biceps
Wed: Shoulders & Legs
Thu: OFF
Fri: Repeat Mon
Sat: Repeat Tue
Sun: OFF


Off days aren't written in stone (sometimes have 3 days off, or sometimes have just 1 day off or none...depends on how you're feeling/schedule).


Hey man appreciate you taking the time. Will go back to the old program. Is there anything out there that you know of that gives you the best excercises for this type of split? I going to flat out and say I am a newb when it comes to me. Is this what you do? I have about the same build as you do, other then a small stomach and no cut haha but thats my goal to get as cut and fit as you are. Anything to get me started would be great. Thanks again !


I would recommend easing back into it(because of your two surgeries) and start off with training three times a week for a month or two.

Also make sure to do substantially more pulling sets than pushing over the course of the week and do plenty of direct rear delt work.

Look up some Eric Cressey articles especially the "Neanderhtal No More" series-he is a world expert on shoulders


Just in case your Doc didn't already tell you, never do behind the neck excercises or upright rows:



Your welcome.

I don't want to go too far into detail with exercise selection (because of your shoulders), I'll leave that up to the professionals...maybe start a new thread asking about ways around it?

I know that for some people, barbell pressing exercises can aggravate the shoulders so maybe dumbbells or some unilateral exercise would be a better choice.

In general though, stick to the good compound "money makers" and concentrate on diet (keep protein high - e.g. 1.5g/lbs in bodyweight).


Forgot to say, yeh that's the sort of split I've progressed and stuck to (3-way).

Did an upper/lower (2-way) split with my first proper bulk and gained 50lbs in one year on that (150lbs - 205lbs).

Always done basic routines like that, and around 2-3 exercises per body part. Favourite rep range = 8. Always done two max sets, and keeping around 8 reps/set (give or take a rep or two).


Hey guys appreciate you looking out for me on the shoulders. Did lots of physical therapy. The reason I had to get them is I had bone spurs that slowly cut through my tendons. They went it and removed the spurs and repaired tendon. Im good to go and I wont start out with weights that are to heavy. So if you can give me some good excercises to fit in to my spit I would appreciate it. Just something to get me started.

Thanks again for all the info and help. Much appreciated