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Need Main Exercise for Upper Back


Hallo Jim,

because I can´t train my quads with heavy compound exercises, I plan doing an exercise for my weak point upper back.
Which exercise woul you recommend for doing 5/3/1 for the upper back?
Pull-ups are not the best choice, aren´t they?

Thanks for your help.


Power Cleans are your best bet.


Thank you Jim. Good advice.
So what is the best day in my shedule to use it?

Mo: Bench
Tue: Deadlift
Thur: Press
Fri: Power Clean

Or should I switch it with Deadlifts on Tuesday?


There is a good routine in the book called full body power clean. Did you see it?

If you want to also deadlift maybe alternate the 531 day for pull and clean weekly and do deload versions of the alternative somewhere i wont type the whole workout because i think lurkers should see the whole material but...

Week one

Mon power clean, etc at prescribed workout

Wed deload dead,the rest

Friday pclean 531

Week two

Mon as last monday

Wed pclean as perworkout

Friday deadlift 531


Thanks man. There are so many (great) routines in the book, so I forgot this one.
But you´re right. I´ll give this template a try.


Monday - Bench
Tuesday - PC (3's PRO), Deadlift
Thursday - Press
Fri - Power Clean

I'd also HIGHLY recommend you use Step Ups in your training as well as Heavy Prowler Pushes (for strength, not conditioning) and Weight Vest Hill Walks.