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Need Lifting Partner in Bristol, CT

Hey, my name is John. I’m 34 and 5’5/200lbs.
I used to powerlift competitively but took a seven month break.
I have given up on the squat and the deadlift because I don’t have the time to train them properly.
I squat once per week in a Smith machine for higher reps.

My main focus is the bench press.
I have squatted 405x2 in the gym at 218 bodyweight.
I have benched 315x2 paused also at 218.
My best deadlift set was 455x2 at the same weight.
My goals for that cycle were 425-330-475… my bests were 405-315-460 at the start of the cycle.

I am looking for someone who lives in Bristol or nearby, to meet once or twice per week for benching workouts.
I have no car and must walk to the gym (Planet Fitness on Farmington Avenue) so if you can provide transportation, that would be awesome.
I am really looking for a stronger guy to push me to the next level. But if you bench around 275-300 or so, that’s OK too.
My short term goal is to beat my old PR of 315 at the 12/13 APA Iron Barbarian event.
My long term goal is a double bodyweight press.

Here is what my workout split looks like:

Smith Machine Squats- warmup, 4x8
Dumbbell Side Bends- 4x12
Incline Situps- 4x12

Reverse Grip Bench Press- warmup, 4x6
Skullcrusher or Nosebreakers- 6x8
Hammer Curls- 4x8

Bench Press- warmup, 5x3
Incline Bench or Seated Press- 4x6
Dumbbell Rows- 5x12