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Need LBM badly

alright my question is on lbm which i really need badly. im 6’1 193 and around 18-20% BF. i’ve been cutting for a while now(250lbs about 8 months ago)and i know by reading this forum that i shouldn’t bulk until im around 12% BF or less. but weight wise how low should i go i mean i guessed about 185lbs would get me around 12%BF but my guess will seem to be off, so do i go to 180 or what…i don’t wanna get super skinny. im kind of in a dilema, so basically should i cut down to 12% no matter how much more weight i lose or should i somehow some way pack on some needed LBM??? sorry if you guys here this question all the time i just like personalized answers.

I’ll chime in again with BULK BULK BULK

At your height/weight yeah I agree you need LBM.
And cutting (unless done really really ok maybe not even then) just doesn’t look that good on a skinny guy. You need LBM for the cuts to really show, otherwise it’s just bones…

Try going to maintenance for a while, see how that works for you.

alright i think ill finish up these next few weeks and cut down to around 185 or so, then slowly going into a bulking stage and get some needed lbm.