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Need Lat/Scapular Help

Hello everyone- new member here, so my apologies if this is the wrong thread to be putting this in…
Quick background on me: I’m about 6’2" 207 w/ 15% bf… Have been working 4-5 times a week consistently for the past 3 years (at the start of which I weighed 160 w/ around 24% bf).

Despite all the progress I’ve made-- I cannot get my lats (mainly the left one) to really develop (something I’ve read a lot about on this site and many others)… I’ve posted a link to two videos of me doing a simulated wide and narrow grip pulldown because I feel the issue is in my scapula (especially on my left side-- which is the what I’m most concerned about).

http://latsscapularaction.shutterfly.com/# PASSWORD: lats

I would really appreciate anyone who could offer their thoughts on the movements and how they might be throwing off my lat activation/ contraction… If you notice-- my left scapula seems to shoot in towards my spine about midway down in the movement, and this is when I feel like I have no tension in back during these my lifts). Any and all help is appreciated- this imbalance is driving me nuts!!

Here is the second video I took- this one of a simulated wide grip lat pulldown… Different motion but also better camera angle- thanks in advance for the help

I’ve watched the videos over and over and I can’t really see what you are talking about. The lats aren’t really supposed to move your shoulder blades and in many people, are not even attached to them at all. Can you post video in which you are actually pulling down on something so your lats will activate? You can use rubber tubing or something stretchy if you don’t have any kind of pulley around.

Before I watched your videos I thought you might have winging scapula, a condition where the serratus or teres major are weak or paralyzed and inhibit normal scapular mechanics. However, I don’t see any problems in your scapular movement in the videos. Google “push-up plus” and serratus strengthening exercises, add those to your routine, and see how it goes.