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Need Lacrosse Conditioning Help

So basically we have had a conditioning plan for lacrosse for all of winter. Instead of doing all of the conditioning, I opted to lift and get as big and strong as possible. Our spring break is 3 weeks long, and we have a week of tryouts before hand (right now). Usually, I will just leave those 4 weeks to get in shape before the season.

On saturday our coach tells us that there will be a conditioning test to see who is in shape. We will run 25 yards and back 6 times for a total of 300 yards, in under 62 seconds. Then after 4 minutes of rest you do it again. Rest another 4 minutes, do it again.

I got 61, 62, 64. Then I puked. Then I collapsed and was unable to move for 10 minutes. Now me and the other 41/50 kids that did not pass have to do it tomorrow BEFORE a tryout which will inevitably have conditioning in it. I need to find a way to pass this test this week. What can I do?


You're not going to improve your conditioning in one week.

Your best bet is to just rest/recover so you're fresh for the test.


It looks like you blew it by neglecting your off-season conditioning. As far as passing the test try pacing yourself at the beginning so you don't burn out, I'll bet that you were going harder than you have to on the earlier sprints.

From my own experience in college and HS though, there is very little chance of passing a test like this unless you have been consistently working on your conditioning prior to it,I guess you could take it as a lesson for next time.


Yeah I'm pretty f'ed for this test...luckily I'm a returner to this team so I don't have to worry about being cut...sucks that I have to keep taking this test monday-saturday until I pass it though..


Run with your own stopwatch to keep pace. You need to run 12x25 yd sprints in 4 seconds with 1 second to stop and turn around.

Don't eat for at least 2 hours prior to the test so your stomach isn't doing backflips. Listen to your coach next time. You can't cram conditioning.


Disregard this question, I cracked open some Surge Workout Fuel, did a better warmup, and smoked it 60, 60, 60 without puking. I also slept from 9:30 to 7:15 last night as opposed to 12:00 to 6:45 the night before and had at least a gallon of water today.

Needless to say I'm very excited


What part of NY are you from?

I had a bunch of teammates who had this attitude and I fucking hated it.

Stop being a bitch, and work as hard as everyone else.