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Need IT Expert Help


I have no where else to ask, so I guess I'll just post here in case I can get good advice. I just graduated with a degree in computer engineering a week ago, and now I'm confused about what I should do with my life career wise. I know I want to do something related to business, since I like to see results that I can see immediately. Because of that, I thought of working in the IT field, and hopefully be able to move to the business side of it in the near future. Anybody got a suggestion on where I should start? The IT field is so huge, that I don't even know where I fit in there. Thanks in advance for the replies.



I'm not trying to be a smart arse but if you are keen on doing something in business why did you study computer engineering and not business or management?

I work as a Software Architect, which is a glorified senior developer.

There are a lot of Managers in Software companies, you could start doing a computer related job for 6 months then move in Project Management, then up to managing a whole department.

Project Management of software is pretty easy and pays well, and most companies will hire people who have showed they are intelligent by getting a degree in anything.


Try checking at gamedev.net



I decided to take comp. engineering 4 years ago. I didn't know enough about myself back then, and I just pick something I THOUGHT will give me the most opportunities. I thought about quitting on my 3rd year, but decided that I should finish what I start.

I'm assuming that the tile is project manager?


I just went to the website you suggest. I'm sorry but I'm not sure what does that have to do with my question? I would appreciate it if you could explain.


Chris made some good points. If you're interested in business it may have made more sense to get an Information Systems Management degree, it's a lot more business focused. But you could always get a Master's in that later on down the road if you were interested.

For right now though, your first priority is to get a job and get some experience. After you've been in the field for a couple years you will get a much better idea of the different carrer paths available. And with that experience you will have an easier time moving into a new area.

Project Management may be a good fit for you. You get to deal with the business end of things more than the technical end. Things like budgets, staffing, equipment purchase, meeting deadlines, etc. But you need to have the technical background before you can move into that type of role. If you'd like to read more about it you can do so here http://www.pmi.org PMI.org gives a good background into Project Management as well as the certifications you can attain.

Hope that helps. Good luck in whatever you decide.


I got my degree in computer engineering. Look, engineering is a desirable major for any graduate program. It's sufficiently challenging that they know you're up to the task. If you want to work in business, get your MBA while still making money at an engineering firm.


I don't mean to be an ass but in today's market you're lucky to get a job in IT if you have no experience so picking what sort type of IT work you do would be even tougher.

Start by getting your foot in the door so you can say you have regular IT experience...once you get there, start looking into what type of work you'd like to do within IT (development, project management, business analysis, management) then get certifications and try to your employer to give you positions that give you that sort of experience. Give it 2 or so years and then you can afford to be picky.


Work anywhere for a year or two, then apply to MBA programs.



Thanks for the advice. The reason I'm "picky" though is because I don't have a very good programming skills to speak of, and I'm looking for IT job that doesn't require much of those skills. I got confused looking at the sheer amount of IT jobs out there and I don't know where to start.

Thanks everybody else to for the advice. I'll read up about project management, try to find an entry level job to get some experiences under my belt and probably take MBA sometimes in the future.


You?re a CE graduate, huh? Since, I've been working as a Software Engineer for the last 6 years I'll give you a little insight on a variety of things.

I would suggest you focus on networking &, or communications, considering you're not a strong programmer.

Secondly, maybe you should go to MBA School. I make this suggestion w/one caveat? ? ?Thou must attend a GOOD MBA program.? The MBA market is flooded, so if you go that route it?s really important that you either go to a really good school or that Dad have your CFO seat waiting on you. :wink: With that being said most good MBA programs prefer that you have real work experience.

In a nutshell: I?d work up to a low-level IT manager in some hardware or communication function then apply for a prestigious MBA program.

Hope this helps,