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Need Intellectual Opinions (Cycle)



NEW CYCLE: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_gear/test_prop_masteron_first_cycle_?pageNo=0#6266306

This is my first and last cycle..

I have done plenty of research on the National Center for Biotechnology Information and Forums.

Here is my proposed cycle. I feel this may be pushing the limits, but IMHO this does not seem too high. You do not know until you try. And all precautions will be taken, so I feel comfortable.

Day 1-52 170 mg /day Test Prop 1190mg total (996.334 mg actual Testosterone)

Day 1-56 .5mg or 1 Adex(???mini 3-4 day taper off or No???) wouldn't hurt I would think.

Day 8-32 40mg DBol tablets( I am starting on day 8, so I can see how the Test Prop goes)

Day 28-49 T3 ramped up E3D starting from 25mcg and increasing by 25mcg to 100mcg then tapering off

                PCT: Testosterone Prop &  Masteron Prop Taper Method (ref. Prisoner#22 on this)

PCT Week 1-4

50 mg Test prop/ Masteron Prop 50 mg (PER WEEK)

PCT Week 5-10

80/60/50/40/30/20 Tapering Test and Mast (PER WEEK)

Questions, Comments, Concerns, ?



jesus christ.

A gram for your first cycle.

I hate the internet so much sometimes.


So what would suggest....


I would suggest that you actually spend 5 minutes reading some of the threads about planning a basic, beginner steroid cycle, and do THAT cycle instead of the one you proposed.

I don't know where you've been getting your info so far but I would recommend that you stop taking advice from whoever is currently giving you advice on the matter.


I've decided to taper up to 1.19 grams+ starting from 560mg per week of TEST PROP based solely on my own input.

Increases will take place possibly every 48th, 72nd, 96th or 168th hour of the injection start week

If any serious sides occur I will re plan and lower the dosage.

For many reasons other than 560mg being a so called "Safe Dose" this is my newly proposed cycle.

Nothing else in my cycle will change...

P.S. 1g starts are done more than most people know...it's just not posted on the Internet every time it is done...

Questions, Comments, or Concerns...



Don't waste your time. One cycle is pointless.


I disagree.


well, good luck with it all. I'm out.




For giggles and curiosity will you please post very current photos of your physique and list your lifting stats and history?


I feel this is forming into something off topic Reed. Whatever it may be, if it is not about the above cycle then keep it moving..

But on the other hand, for giggles and curiosity of course, critique my proposed cycle..


It has every thing to do with the cycle you proposed. If you are some 150lbs dweeb who has been in the gym for about a month who has no fucking clue about what he is doing but, thinks because he has read a lot on the internet he is hot shit then the proposed cycle is hot shit mess and you really need to go have a fucking look in the mirror. If you are however a grown man (FULL GROWN NOT 20 years old) who has his training and diet dialed in and has put some time in the gym and has built a very impressive base naturally then the cycle looks pretty good to me. Depending on the goals of course.

With that being said the way you have been responding and treating the other members with some light disrespect while throwing away some pretty good advice without even considering it I am guessing you are the first one.


ah, another condescending new guy that doesn't like constructive criticism.....


the test taper sucks. i seriously have no idea why anyone thinks that works, if they actually understand how the HPTA works....



I seen this is where it was going, that is why I clarified that at the beginning...

P.S. Someone has a little Roid Rage..


Honestly I have no issues with the criticism..


I also lift 4,000lbs on bench, squat, deadlift, curls.

I am 285lbs at 0% body fat

So yeah guess I have everything in check aha lol.

Don't be jealous either I know all of you are.


I wasn't even being rude or mean... Lol no roid rage just honesty. Considering your response it only further points to my correctness.


Not the kind of cycle recommend for a beginner, as it is too much too soon.
You don't know how your body will react to your gear. Post injection pain( could be next to nothing, or it could be crippling)
ED injections you are going to need a lot of goods sites to rotate. Most beginners start with glutes and even if they get some pip it still shouldn't effect your ability to do a workout. Some people find quads and delts incredibly painful and can't train for several days until the pain subsides. All your muscles are virgin, which means its likely to be unpleasant.
Because most gear comes from underground labs, there can be a lot of variability between one vial and the next. First bottle might give you some pain, the next one might be twice as bad, despite the fact its supposed to be the same dose, ingredients and formula.
It can take time to dial in the right amount of AI, not enough and you get gyno symptoms, if you keep on increasing the amount, you can get low E, achy joints muscles and lethargy. It takes time for the increase/decrease to take effect(sometimes a week).

I also very much doubt any individual who does a cycle of anabolics and finds it even barely tolerable, won't want to try another cycle as soon as is humanly possible.

Every one is different it might all go perfectly smooth, but I think that is a lot less likely and that's why a more moderate approach is recommended for beginners.

If you start to develop other negative side effects its easier to deal with and make changes if the dose is lower, and you are taking fewer products at the same time.


You are entitled to your opinion. I am fully capable of running steriod cycles. Now that we have crossed the bridge, can we discuss the cycle a little more since you feel it's a good cycle, or did I miss read your post?

How do you feel about the PCT Plan?

Have you tried it or know anyone who has?

Weight room goals are strength to body weight ratio, but I am not concerned with gaining weight as I see that I will/should be quite strong by the end of this cycle. Your thoughts?

P.S. Oh btw Nice to meet you Reed. (Internet Hand shake gesture)