Need Injection for pain, but of what? Help out?

Quick background: I have a fight at the end of the month and in the competition the fighters wear no pads. I have been training for the fight for the past 3 months without pads and I’m quite banged up. What is most messed up is my left shin (for anyone who doeesn’t have an understanding of Thai boxing, you strike with you shin) Anyways the fight is about 2 weeks away and I really need this leg in tip-top shape.

My dilemma: I know that I need to let it heal by resting but with the fight so close that is not an option. I have scheduled an appointment with my doctor with the hopes that he can inject something to either numb it or seriously reduce swelling? Does anyone have any idea of something that he can do for me or am I wasting my time with this office visit? I'm open to any other ideas/home remedies. Thanks.

Um, telling your doctor that will probably get him to NOT give you painkillers. I hope you were only kicking the thai pads and nothing harder, otherwise you could be getting calcium deposits. I’ve never tried it (didn’t do more than sparring until my shins were constantly numb) but I’m told “tiger balm” helps. I think sells it.

That sucks, you really need to give it a rest, but I think you know that. I do not know if the doctor will give you anything, and personally I am against masking pain with drugs, as you could injure it further and not know it. Keep them iced and take ibruprofen to try to reduce swelling. I would also take a break from full contact with that leg, you are only going to agravate the situation. Try some Dit Da Jow linament, you can find it at most martial arts supply places, works for some, but not a sure thing. One thing to remember, there is no shame in pulling out of a fight, if you cannot perform at full strength due to an injury. It sucks but its better than losing because you were not 100%, and possibly doing more damage.

I tottaly agree that drugs aren’t the way to go. I don’t do any drugs, I don’t even take Tylenol when I have a headache. I’m not looking for a painkiller such as Vicodin or Perkaset? (those are the only ones that come to mind) but I am interested in some sort of injectable anti-inflamatory.

The hay’s in the barn dude. At two weeks out you need to concern yourself with rest (i.e. light, no contact training)

I did not think that you meant painkiller, but more along the lines of a cortison injection, blocks the pain, but leaves the head clear. My brother is an ER doc, I will ask him what he woud do if you came in, if anything and post again.

Talked to my bro and he said that for trauma type injuries, he would not use a steroid type injection, as those are more for movement type injuries, tendonitis, joint pain etc. His reccomendation is rest and ibuprofen. He said a doctor will more than likely prescribe you a narcotic for the pain, and an anti-inflammatory med. But they may also tell you what my brother said,rest and advil.

Yeah, they hay is there. Cry in the dojo, laugh on the battlefield. KO, does your bro have any suggestions on dosage or advil or ibpro? I see the doc tomorrow afternoon, I’ll keep you guys posted as to what they say. Thanks for the help.

800 mg is the typical perscription dose of ibuprophen. I’d suggest RICE, rest ice compression elevation. It sounds like this is an overuse injury, but if you are continuing to pound on your shin it will continue to be nasty back to you. When you are not standing on it, try to baby it, enough sleep and good treatment may just get you close to 100%

Can you overdose on ibup? (i can’t spell it)
Michelle, what exactly do you mean by compression in the RICE formula? When do I “compress” it and what exactly do i do.

you want one of the “caine” injections. Cant spell either but xelocaine(Zi-lo-caine) or anything else in that family. Do you have any friends who are sports doctors/team physicians, or friends in football programs (high leval) they could give you more advice?

You asked me to post. So here goes. Try the Muay Thai linament. Aaron has some, or ringside for 14.99. Anyway, Clarence will tell you to pad it up now. Any conditioning you have there now probably won’t significantly increase by the 27th. Pad it up and let the soreness go away.

As Michelle mentioned, they gave me 800 mg of ibuprofen and told me to rest it as best I could. I am going in for x-rays two days after the fight. He suspects a possible fracture or bone chips in there right now. As for any injections, the doc said that they would only last for about 30-45 mins and probably not a smart thing to do on “game day”. Thanks for the input guys.

Sorry I did not get back to you, but looks llike you got the info. Another thing that has not been mentioned, is ice. Ice your shins after every workout. If you watch the K1 fights, the fighters are always icing their shins in between bouts.

KO, so you follow the sport? One of the fighters at the gym I train at is going to the K1 in Japan next month. Wish I could afford the ticket. Do you train?

Best of Luck with your fight. Take care of your injuries afterward, then begin your reconditioning. Check-out Thai fighting in detail, there is a lot written about conditions the shins. Take the time to do your conditioning right, just like weight lifting you have to build a solid base.
Knock’em Out!

Compression of the swelled area, for a shin I think a moderately tight ace bandage will work. Don’t ever sleep with one on though, you’ll do more damage. The hard part is that for the most effective elevation you need to have your shin above your heart to help the swelling go down. Ice in 20 minute intervals, that will help keep the swelling down. You need to keep swelling under control because it damages healthy tissue while it is trying to heal the damaged tissue.

Sure, you can overdose on Ibuprophen, and it is hard on the liver if you don't drink enough water. 800mg is a pretty standard perscription dose though, so that a few times a day should be ok. (I'm not a Dr. though, so you should check with yours if you're concerned, I'm just speaking from experience)

I’ve have not been following the sport lately, nor have I been training, not enough time. Once things settle down I want to get back into MMA training. I would love go see K1 some time, whats the guys name? We will have to keep an eye out for him. Where are you training?

I train at 3D Martial Arts in Denver, CO. The guy at the school that is in the K1 is Duane “Bang” Ludwig. I don’t think I’ve ever been hit as hard in my life as when he hits me. I understand about not having the time thing, I used to be like that but now I’ve been laid off and pretty much train all the time now. No money coming in isn’t fun but having all day to do something that I love is so much fun.

That would be nice to have the time to train. I hope to start training soon. I will probably go with Straight Blast Gym her in Portland. i am a little old to compete, but you never know.