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Need Information on Starting TRT

Your case is somewhat similar to my own. I knew my T levels were not the best from the age of about 19 when I had routine tests done for consistent tiredness. I just got on with it no action was taken. Through my 20s I could never build much muscle and the soreness after the gym was noticeably worse than my peers even when diet and sleep was on point. I kept my weight just about in check with cardio.

Fast forward to the age of 30 and I was about 20kg overweight. I had blood tests done at a trt clinic and got a prescription. I’ve lost the 20kg and gained a decent amount of muscle went from a 38 inch waist to a 30inch.

I’m now 33 years old and midway through coming off TRT to see if I can maintain my body composition naturally with improved sleep hygiene, diet and lower body fat.

Time will tell, if I loose too much muscle, feel tired all the time and gain fat I’ll accept TRT for life. If I manage to recover and maintain an acceptable level of wellbeing naturally then ill give the natty life a go.

All in all, for me being on TRT made the gym fun, making gains relatively easy and loosing fat less of a hardship. That positivity spills over into other areas of your life too. Make no mistake though TRT is a commitment both financially and in terms of time and energy. Dialling in your hormones is a fuck about, as is constantly managing your medication, blood work and injecting multiple times a week.

Id say, get bloods and see where you are, if you feel as though you’ve really tried your hardest to get into the mindset of training and eating clean naturally and failed then whether or not to jump on a TRT experiment is your decision to make if you medically qualify!