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Need Information on Starting TRT

I’m a 26 year old lad who’s around 40kg overweight. I’ve started training again in the last 3 weeks but for a few months now I’ve been interested in finding out about TRT. Can’t seem to find any decent information online especially for someone in my position. I’m not looking for a miracle drug, I want to add this into a routine of exercise and decent diet. I would love to know if TRT would have a positive affect on my training/body as recently I’ve been told I’m a bit young. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you!

what do you want TRT to do for you?

I would start with blood work. That is somewhat objective. The issue is that it is known that obesity lowers testosterone, and 40 kg is more than a bit over weight.

IMO, it does give a slight boost, but with how over weight your are, it is likely not to be very noticeable. Basically, you won’t be able to tell much of a physique difference between being on TRT and not on TRT for the first 30 Kg of weight loss. You also won’t know if you need TRT until you get to about that weight (unless your numbers come out super low; ex. if the range goes from 300 to 900 ng/dL, and you get 100 ng/dL, you probably need it).

Yep, it would. Do you need it tho? I’m not one of those that thinks you need to lose weight before starting TRT; the test can be the catalyst that gets you moving and starts the whole process (it was for me). But I’d make sure your levels were low first before starting.

In my mind I would like TRT to help me build muscle while I shed fat. I would like to achieve a decent physique while ending TRT after achieving this goal and maintaining as best as possible by training and proper diet only. That would be ideal, but again I haven’t a clue if this is even possible

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Yeah I’m definitely in the obese category! In terms of bloodwork what can I be doing? I will get my test levels checked in the meantime. Thanks for the response as well!

Thanks for the response! I guess I will have my levels looked at and make the decision then!

So you would like to run a low dose cycle. Not be on TRT.


What you are describing is a steroid cycle. Not bashing you, just saying that TRT is for life, just like insulin to a diabetic is. Sounds like you need to head over to the Pharma forum.


I would just do a bodybuilder panel and include lh and fsh. Usually less money to do it that way.

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Where did you get the idea that TRT was temporary for muscle gain? I’m genuinely curious cos I’ve seen more guys talk about doing a short run of TRT to get tha gainz and wonder where that comes from. Why call it TRT and not a cycle?

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You can increase testosterone by eating healthy, working out and getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

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Because you don’t gain shit on trt dosages using cycle time durations. I’m being facetious lol, but kinda true. It took awhile for me to tell. More like 6 months until I was feeling definitely stronger. A few years has made a big difference Imo.

If that’s true, then spend another 13 weeks (minimum) focused on your training and nutrition. At the point you’ll have significantly changed your body composition and health, which will have a significant impact on your hormone levels.

Like the guys said, that’s not TRT, that’s a steroid cycle. TRT is lifelong medication to treat a diagnosed disorder. Someone carrying 40 kilos of fat with 3 weeks of training shouldn’t do steroids either.

I strongly suggest starting a thread to lay out your training and nutrition plan so that can be sorted out for better results, and/or starting a training log to get feedback along the way.


Yeah me too. Closer to a year for me to finally figure it out.

I’ve just seen more guys doing a cycle of TRT and I’m thinking “where the fuck did that idea come from”


Thanks for the advice

Cheers for the info! I’m only beginning to understand the differences between cycles and TRT so I’m not offended. Thanks

I appreciate the advice! At the moment I’m just learning more about it, I’m not prepared to rush into anything without getting as much info as possible. But I will definitely look into doing that thread. Thanks!

Only beginning to understand the differences if I’m honest. I’m not looking to rush into anything without learning as much as I can


An important question: are you hypogonadal?

If not, you have no reason to use TRT.

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