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Need Info


Thorus - anyone heard of him - is he OK?
genxxlgear - ever heard of them - are they OK?
What about Stormy?


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so you would recommend even for shipping to UK bushy?


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GenXXL is dogshit, and I think everyone should avoid them. They came along about a year or so ago, and stole the name of a very well known and respected mod from EliteFitness, and at first tried to pretend that they were him.

The list of mods who endorses them is a virtual "who's who" of "who's nobody" and GenXXL's reference list reads like a "who cares" list of people who have no real clout. GenXXL made their "name" off giving freebies to very minor players, in return for endorsemsnts and references. Bush league.

Thorus has always been decent. I've known him for about 5 years or so (4?). I believe that the only time he ever had experienced any complaints was about 2-3 years ago when he had an accident on his motorcycle and was laid up recovering.

Stormy is alright. Reputable enough.


Looks like He's done it again. New bike wreck. Saw a message yesterday about him typing one handed and being slow. People seem to still be satisified though.

Thanks for replying guys, the more say something, the more I can make an informed decision.


I recieved my orals 4 days after they shipped,total order within 1 week of ordering and all emails were replied to within 24 hours,way better than some other "well respected" sources,just my .02.


There used to be another source who was really into racing bikes- he posted under the name Aprilia, or something..


thorus is legit not many complain about .




why the caution biscuite? bad sources, source posting? curious, Thanks!


No, not bad sources.Just lots of eyes out there.


Bump what biscuite said, I'm a paranoid guy. STill this should be pm talk at the last, not open like this. That's my opinion, wont' say any more.


Thanks for saying it for me wide.That bump made my nipples hard.lol.So sayeth the wide.Take it easy ass clown..........j/k.

yoked up mofo,


Hello everyone

I mean No disrespect to You Anthony or anyone else on this thready But you are very incorrect about genxxl and gxgr.com The have been major palyers for 5 years on the internet and Mrx the owner has been around for 10 years, this can be proven By the owner of British Dragon through a simple E-mail. As far as steeling The mods from Elites name, Its very thin as he has no large impact on the internet world of Body building excpept for his own site. I find it to be misleading to smash a good source on the net that really takes care of business 110% for their clients Without any real proof or solid info. We are all brothers in this game and its getting harder and harder to keep this going, we all need to support out legit and solid sources and get rid of the scammers if we all want to keep going strong in this life style.



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How does one develope 'clout'??? Is it a disease or something simmilar to gout, except in the clitoris :).

I'll try not to post anymore after drinking a few beers :slight_smile: