Need info on Sermorelin, Tesamorelin, 1295 DAC, etc

There has been discussion of some of the peptide sources being quite pricey,and other more cost effective options out there. Has anyone used geo? Can you speak on the quality?

@highpull & @hrdlvn - When do you take your injections? On an empty stomach?

I’ve read Sermorelin is recommended before bed, proceeding at least 2 hours of no food. I’ve read Ipamorelil, while similar, morning WITH food. I’m not sure how these differ, but I’ve heard Tesamorelin is similar to both. I’ve been doing tesamorelin injections in the morning, with coffee, and typically will eat a meal around 4-5 hours later. I’m wondering if I would see more benefit with a bedtime injection or injection without the coffee with milk. One thing I’ll add is I get home late and typically eat my last meal at 8pm, and goto bed by 9:30pm, which would prevent a bedtime injection on an empty stomach.

Also still curious if anyone has used geo as a peptide company and can speak on them?

Sermorelin should be taken on a nonexistent stomach. Otherwise it is misery in a syringe. Just ate a seven course meal? Take sermorelin and you’ll be starving. Thirty minutes later you’ll beg for the sweet embrace of death because you stuffed yourself beyond the physical limits of your stomach’s space. You have an empty stomach? Take sermorelin and you’ll eat and drink yet never be satiated.

Of all the peptides available it is easily the most unpleasant one. How unpleasant? I had six vials of pharma stuff that the doctor gave me that I ended up trashing. Switched to Mod GRF 1-29 and Ipamorelin and have had zero issues since.

PS source talk is forbidden here.

Right before bed, no food for at least two hours, especially carbs. You should wait to eat for about an hour after injection.

@iron_yuppie - For Ipamorelin, when do you take it, and do you take it with food or on an empty stomach?

I take it before bed, so usually around 12:30-1:00. I work out late, so I end up eating late (I know this is allegedly a major no-no, but it’s what my schedule dictates). So if I eat at 9:30 then my stomach isn’t empty at 12:30 but it’s also not full. Ipamorelin has zero effect on my hunger. I believe that sermorelin is bad because it stimulates the release of ghrelin whereas Ipa does not.

Wow I’ve been on sermorelin for 2 months now and did not notice the hunger issues. I was warned this was a side effect from the doc. At any rate, after two months I see no difference so I figured I just pissed away my money anyway. One more month to go before my supply runs out and I don’t plan on reupping.

What would be better out of these options:

A) Morning dose right after coffee, at 7:30am. Last meal was at 8-9pm the night before, and next meal isn’t until 12-1pm.
B) Before bed dose when last meal is eaten at 8pm, and night dose is taken at 9:30pm

I’ve seen sources encourage Ipamorelin in the morning WITH food. Bunk or a common method?

When do I take Sermorelin?
The best time to take Sermorelin is prior to bedtime. Growth Hormone is primarily released during sleep and most beneficial to the body’s recovery and repair during this time. Sermorelin has a promoting effect on sleep and can therefore make you tired if taken during the day. The half life of Sermorelin is 2 hours.

Sermorelin Starting Dose: 500mcg-1000mcg (1mg) injected sc before bedtime.

Studies have shown that 1mg of Sermorelin will create maximum stimulation to the pituitary to create a good level of growth hormone within the pituitary. This dose should be used for approx. 6 months as the anterior pituitary is recrudesced. Therefore, a dose of aprox. 500mcg delivered sc each evening has been shown to provide maximum stimulation to the pituitary releasing optimum endogenous growth hormone. After aprox. 12 months of sermorelin injections, the patient can try reducing injection frequency to 1mg 2-3 times per week to maintain levels.

These copy and pastes were taken from the Defy website.

I’ve been looking for someone on the forum that has good experience with all these peptides! i got my hands on ipamorelin, sermorelin, tesamorelin, bpc 157 and tb 500. I want to lose body fat, look and feel younger, build lean muscle etc… im 41 and 260ish. can you advise any dosage cycles for them all ?

thank you

If not prescribed throw them away. UGL peptides, HGH, etc is dodgy, can have impurities, and generally can cause side effects. If prescribed, you should know what to do from the doc. Even then, only some see a benefit. I didn’t.

You don’t need peptides for that. What’s your current training and nutrition plan?

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I just do the overseas thing and it’s been working with various things like test, hgh etc… i wanted to try these peptides because i heard they had the overall benefits of high quality HGH and also could repair injuries like my ACL tears and MCL surgery and my bulging out of place discs in my neck and back. So I thought it was a win win to get better sleep, lose fat, look younger in the skin, grow back my bald head hair a little bit, maybe get some extra lean muscle and also heal injuries it seems like a great option… if it works hahaha! My source i’ve been using for 10 years, never gotten anything bunk or what cypionate, tadalafil, Kingtropin, Jintropin kits etc… for years and everyhing has always gotten great results and worked for me the wife and my buddy.

I just switched to a carnivore diet literally 72 hous ago. It’s been just flank steak, chicken legs, eggs, since then with some seasons and a 4 oz pork rinds for a snack and only water for beverage. But prior I was a garbage can, basically eating whattaburger, gummi worms, salt and vinger chips, popeyes and drinking psyillum husk fiber to make sure i can still use the bathroom.

For training i’ve been moving my family cross nation and haven’t done any cardio for 8 weeks due to life factors/laziness. Normally i do 3-4 one hour boxing heavy bag sessions with me doing a round taking a round off and doing 10 push ups, sit ups or squats and repeating for the hour. Some times i will lift weights and it’s usually a routine of weighted pull ups, bicep curls, upright rows etc… i don’t do too many squats or legs at all because of my back neck and knee.

So i’m looking to get back to my 25 year old self that can do 2 hours of martial arts 5 days a week, lift for an hour 3 days a week and have lots of energy and be ready to go non stop with no injuries to restrict me.

I know thats probably miracle stuff but shoot for the stars land on the moon, right? If I can get 25% healthier than now it would be worth it. Thanks for the reply.

True. I had bad experiences with UGL HGH so i’m a skeptic. But if its worked in the past why not. Carnivore diet can have success for sure as long as you can remain strict. I’m a fan of just picking the right macros and caloric intake rather than full on restriction diets. If you can somehow incorporate at least two strength training days a week into your routine that would be beneficial. Yes cardio aerobic burns more calories during the session but weight training does so over time during the repair period.

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Just calories and protein for me. I figure I’ll get a decent mix of carbs and fats. I don’t feel lack of carbs training, so I think I have enough there. I like the least amount of restriction that gets results.

The keto, carnivore, south beach… work for weight loss because of caloric restriction. There is no extra magic.

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I’m 40 and have used both Sermorelin alone and Ipamorelin stacked with cjc. My personal preference is Sermorelin as it improves sleep for me significantly. This alone has had major effects on not just training and recovery, but quality of life in general.

I don’t see much benefit for leaning out personally. Caloric deficits still have to be managed. I would suggest it’s slightly easier to lose fat, and a little easier to stay lean with than without but it’s not a magic shot here.

Approaching a year on I can say the benefits I realize are:

  • sleep. Length of and quality.

  • joint repair. Old snap, crackles and pops are gone. Especially in my knees. Didn’t happen overnight but something I began noticing on heavy squat days a few months in

  • I would say my skin does seem “rejuvenated” for a lack of a better description

  • recovery. I never experience doms anymore. High volume/heavy weight/calisthenics and track work…. it’s gone. I usually feel recovered the next day. I still need to stretch tight spots but there isn’t any soreness to speak of.

  • general energy boost. Very likely a product of better sleep but I feel great, all the time.

No major side effects to report. I have to clip my toenails a little more frequently.

I take.3 mcg at night. That’s micrograms. Not milligrams. My pharmacy has it compounded to where I draw 3 units on a diabetic, sub q syringe to make it easy.

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Basically i’ve heard similar benefits from other people but i haven’t found anyone that will give me good feedback, results, advice on stacking them synergistically. I heard Ipamorellin/sermorellin is a great stack, similar with tb-500 and bpc 157. I’m looking forward to the recovery and extra sleep. Im hoping it heals injuries makes my wrinkles on my face better, grows my hair back alittle bit and tightens up my skin. just looking for that rejuvination get 10 years younger and healthier stack. Thank you for your experienced post this confirms what i thought about sermorellin by itself, i wonder how much better you would feel if taking it with ipamorellin/cjc? thank you again

It’s my understanding that Sermorelin at the correct dose causes the pituitary gland to produce as much hgh as it naturally can while Ipamorelin spikes it, so I think you would see a limiting return vs amplification stacking an optimizer with a Supra natural spike. This is likely why you don’t see a lot of “stacked” experiences discussed. You could try cjc with Sermorelin for the prolonging effect, which is why it’s added to Ipamorelin.

Due to the different pathways each peptide/combo works through, they each give alternate secondary benefits too.

Sermorelin administration also produces orexin, which is the direct pathway that improves sleep. And it does a much better job promoting sleep than ipa/cjc as they do not amplify orexin.

Ipamorelin increases another peptide that helps manage pain and inflammation (which could explain reports of better sleep, though not as good as semorelin’s direct effect). I believe it’s Peptide Y but could be remembering wrong. If you have really bad joints or injuries it will do a better job masking aches and pains as the GH rebuilds and repairs over time.

Both will improve GH and give all the general effects of boosted and/or prolonged GH secretion over time.

I would suggest choosing which peptides secondary benefits best match your needs rather trying to stack them.

OK this makes some sense like if you have an upset stomach choose pepto, seltzer but dont mix them together type thing?

Ok so now i have Tessamorelin, instead of stacking all 3 together which is the most superior for the gains im looking for? I hear Tesamorelin is the best but i’ve never talked to anyone whos used it directly for the things i’ve listed. ive always heard cjc ipa and serm and sometimes stacked sometimes not.

It’s kind of like painting blue on black.

I’ve never used tesamorelin so I couldn’t say. I would suggest researching each in depth. They will all boost HGH. Pick the one with additional benefits (orexin vs. peptide y for example) that best matches needs alongside HGH goals and do that one.

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