Need info on Sermorelin, Tesamorelin, 1295 DAC, etc

I believe it is max dose recommended. This forum has very strange rules when it comes to links/video and such. I never know what is against the rules around here. Do a google search for GH Secretagogue Webinar and look thru the pdf slides page 29 and 34 are particularly interesting. IMO this is the latest info on using these peptides for antiaging. I hope you find them useful.
I did not know about the improved joint pain that is great since my shoulder pain now determines the weigh I lift not the number of reps I can perform.

Hardlvn: great advice and we just got the numbers back and I have my consultation next week. Here is what surprises me and almost makes me question the results: my igf-1 came back 275 (67-205) - wtf? I turn 50 in Sept and would have guessed my igf-1 on the low end and that sermorelin would be a great thing for me to take to enhance my well-being, sleep better, easier to increase muscle mass, etc. Why would my igf-1 level be so high?

Been on injections for a month as mentioned - definitely feeling better. My test numbers were just below “normal range” for last several years so i decided to do something about it. My test went from around 300 to these new results (Total at 699 and Free at : 17.6).

With Defy?
Google [ why is my IGF-1 high ] you are not going to like the answers.
If Defy is your new clinic they will know what to do. There could be additional blood tests or they might send you to a specialist.

The sleep benefits are worth a ton alone. Thank you for the information

I’ll definitely be talking to Defy about all of this next week.

Currently taking Sermorelin Forte Plus - includes GHRP-2/6. I’ve been taking 200mcg/nightly for the last 2 months. While my Dr. said the results I’m after would take around 3-6 months (bicep tendon partial tear, joint pain in one knee and shoulder), I noticed one negative side effect start up around 1.5 months in. At that point I started waking around 5am with carpal tunnel symptoms that were painful enough to keep me from sleeping any longer. I recently switched from taking the product at night to first thing in the morning and then wait until 9am before I start eating - about 2.5-3 hours after pinning. This is definitely helping the carpal tunnel, probably because I’m moving and using my hands.

Hi Jon thanks for the update. carpal tunnel dang that does not sound good. Are you positive its the peptides?
For me my latest update I did bloods end of July IGF-1 went from 99 to 140 that is not great but at least I am at mid range now. I ran out of sermorelin right after drawing blood. I’m just taking the Ipamorelin and BPC-157 nightly now.

All I have noticed is my vascularity has really popped in my lower legs knee down and forearms. I’ve only lost about 2# 194 to 192. Not really trying to lose any weight. I’m eating pretty big and increased my gym time. No new bloods until Dec.

I can only say it’s most likely the Sermorelin (or possibly the ghrp2/6) because I stopped for 2 days and the carpal tunnel eased up fairly quickly and after adding it back at 200 mcg, the pain came back immediately the next morning. Since switching to the morning injection, I can still feel my hands swelling, but it never reaches a painful point. So the carpal tunnel does seem to be linked to times when I take the Sermorelin blend. It’s also listed as a possible side effect of Sermorelin specifically.

I’ll see what my Dr. recommends when I go back in a week for additional supplies. I wonder if he might switch me to CJC 1295 or Ipamorelin. I’m also looking to try BPC 157 with an injection around the biceps tendon. Will probably try this in the next month or so. From what I understand, the CJC acts in a similar way to Sermorelin, so might be a good replacement to try and hopefully with no carpal tunnel symptoms.

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Good info thanks. I’m going to stick with the Ipamorelin only until my next bloods and see where my IGF-1 goes. My dose is 500mcg sub-Q at bedtime.
The BPC -157 is also sub-Q but at the site where I have pain. For me that is forearms. Been wanting Popeye forearms forever so hitting the hammer curls and just about anything else that works the brachioradialis. Been very happy with the recovery time using this peptide. I am exceeding the recommended does. Doing 300mcg in each arm post workout.

@hrdlvn Are your vials simply in one dose vials? I’m assuming you cannot use part of the vial, store it, and reuse it for the next dosage?

Does anyone have experience with tesamorelin?

They usualy come in 2mg vials. I dose 250 3× a day so a vial lasts like 3 days. You keep in the freezer until you reconstitute it then it stays in the fridge. I prefill a couple days worth the shots and just bring my midday shot in my lunch box with an ice pack

Perhaps tesamorelin is different, but I read to discard any excess tesamorelin once the vial has been used, and not to store it after for later use.

Oh Idk i use sermorelin and ipamorelin. You shouldn’t have to throw anything out. If you use bacteriostatic water then its not an issue. But if i was selling products and wanted to sell more i would tell my customers that it’s probably safest to discard unused after each shot.

Looks like pretty touchy stuff. Use and disgard the rest. TNation why did you choose this product?
from my googling:
Subcutaneous Administration

Two 1 mg vials must be reconstituted with the provided diluent (Sterile Water for Injection) as follows to provide the 2-mg once daily subcutaneous dose.
To reconstitute, inject 2.2 mL of the provided Sterile Water for injection into the first 1 mg tesamorelin vial. To avoid foaming, push the plunger in slowly with the needle on a slight angle so the sterile water goes down the inside wall of the tesamorelin vial. With the needle and syringe attached to the vial, keep the vial upright and gently roll between hands for 30 seconds until mixed. Do not shake the vial.
Withdraw the entire amount of reconstituted solution from the first vial, and inject into the second 1 mg tesamorelin vial. Keep the vial upright and gently roll between hands for 30 seconds. Do not shake the vial.
Take the syringe out of the vial, once you have withdrawn all of the reconstituted solution from the second vial. The medicine in the syringe after reconstitution of the 2 vials will be around the 2.2-mL mark on the syringe.
Place the needle cap on its side against a clean flat surface. Without touching the needle, hold the syringe and slide the needle carefully into the protective cap. Push the cap all the way or until it snaps shut. Do not touch the cap until it covers the needle completely. Remove the needle.
Place the 1/2-inch 27-gauge safety injection needle onto the syringe.
Use reconstituted solution immediately. If injection in the syringe is not used immediately, it should be discarded; do not freeze or refrigerate. Throw away any unused tesamorelin and the used Sterile Water for Injection container.
The reconstituted solution should be clear. Do not use if the solution contains particulates, is cloudy, or is discolored. It is not unusual to have slight foaming of the product upon reconstitution.

Subcutaneous injection:
Subcutaneously inject the reconstituted solution into the abdomen. Avoid injection into scar tissue, bruises or the navel. Injection sites should be rotated to different areas of the abdomen.
Slowly push the plunger all the way down until all of the medicine in the syringe has been injected under the skin.
After removing the injection from the skin, flip back the needle shield until it snaps, covering the injection needle completely. Keep pressing until a click is heard, which means the injection needle is protected.
Using a piece of sterile gauze to rub the injection site clean. If there is bleeding, apply pressure to the injection site with gauze for 30 seconds. If bleeding continues, apply a bandage to the site.
Properly dispose of used syringes and needles in a sharps container.

It just sounds like the lack of bac. Water makes storing it unsafe. If one vial is 1 dose or half a dose then there is no need for preservatives unless preping it a few days in advance also no reason to have leftovers if you should be injecting all of it. He could just use bac water instead. They probably are just trying to save money by sending sterile water with it instead.

Tesamorelin has been described as a better version of sermorelin by Jay Campbell and any doctor he’s discussed it with on his podcasts. That’s what originally made me look more into It. Good findings out there, upon further research. I have both used it yet.

@highpull When you stopped, did you monitor your IGF-1 levels? Were there changes in body composition when you went off it?

@hrdlvn How long in total have you been on sermorelin and ipamorelin? You said you noticed the deeper sleep, but nothin gin body composition yet? Is this something you intend to be on forever?

If using these peptides for benefits in body composition (increased IGF-1), this is not shutting down any natural production? So you would be okay to go off it and maintain body composition/metabolism on same diet/exercise?

6 months. I have only been able to raise my IGF-1 from 99 to 150 I have not tested my IGF-1 in 2 months. So I don’t know where it is now. My goal was 200 for my age. I can’t say I thought about body comp. I took it more for overall healing and quicker recovery from exercise and injuries. Over the last 3 years of working hard in the gym, I have has a steady improvement I can’t say the peptides helped with any of that. But maybe they did however I think the 4 blasts I did helped a lot more.
On your last question. No your natural production is not shut down. sermorelin can stop working after 3 months of use so you need to take breaks but ipamorelin does not and can be taken all the time.


No. Those gains remained. Went back on for joint benefits.

Been on Sermorelin / Ipamorelin for a little over 3 months now. My IGF-1 went from 127 to 229 (ref range 83-233). As others have stated, the benefits seem to be subtle so I guess the question is whether or not it is worth taking over HGH (I prefer not to shut down my own production so I am ok with). Plan is to take for 6 months and then take 6 months off (unless I notice any significant changes while I am off)