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Need info on Sermorelin, Tesamorelin, 1295 DAC, etc

I’ve looked at past posts and the info is fairly old and limited. Also, there are so many different peptides and combos.

I’ve also done a fair amount of internet research and it only tends to confuse me. I understand the basic concepts of these products being GH secretagogues but they tend to be expensive and the half lives are very short.

At the prices, could probably just order real GH.

Help me out please. Any body have any direct experience with these peptides?

I use, Ipamorelin and Sermorelin along with 150mg per week of Testosterone cypionate.

Do a google search for GH Secretagogue Webinar and look thru Nelson’s slides. That info is pretty much the latest info on what is known and how to use peptides.

As for price real GH500 IU (166.5 mg) $1400 to $1800
1000 IU (333 mg) $2700 to $3400 peptides costs you hundreds a month not thousands.

What kind of results do you get? and how much each of Ipam and Sermorelin do you take? Is it nightly?

Thank you for the source. I will check it out.

So far results are pretty sutble. I’ve only been taking for 6 months so the jury is out for now.
I do like them both there are no bad sideffects like increased E2 or prolactin. The biggest plus is improved sleep. I sleep longer and deeper. I believe this helps recovery it is also when GH is naturally released but I have no idea if my natural GH has increased.

My first protocol was 1000mcg (1mg) injected sc before bedtime. I preload two weeks worth of syringes 31ga 5/16 easytouch and keep them in the frig. Totally painless sub-Q around the bellybutton.
I did this for 12 weeks and then added Ipamorelin 500mcg. The plan is to stay at this protocol for 5-6 months and do blood work. So I can’t really offer much more I am still learning myself.

I hope that helped?

Yes sir. Thank you

I’m new to this forum and I know the management does not like folks posting sources.
So hopefully this is criptic enough it won’t get me in trouble. That blue _____ peptide place on the internet has a 40% sale on these two products it’s fixing to end. I just stocked up for the next 4 months.

WOW no one on this forum uses peptides?
I was hoping someone had experience with 1295 with DAC and would post some info.

@hrdlvn I just did labs for Defy Medical and will be curious to see where my igf-1 comes in at. Started TRT about a month ago (50mg Test cyp injected every 3.5 days) but looking to add hcg as well as sermorelin. From the majority of posts on sermorelin, the consistent feedback on it is that it provides very subtle results and it’s a 6-12 month commitment. Curious where your igf-1 number was before starting on it? Has it helped lean you? Any improvement on muscle mass or skin, etc? I’ve heard definitely makes you sleep better.

This is counter to my nature. Not sure I have the patience for subtle results when I can just get some UGL HGH. At a dose of 2 IU/day of HGH. 6 months will cost me about $750.

My wife is interested in the HGH aspect too. She wants to lose bodyfat and get some restorative effects in general.

HGH is something I’ve looked at as well. My only concerns with HGH: side effects, cost, ensuring I get Pharma-grade product (high majority of product online is fake), not crazy about shutting down my natural gh production whereas with sermorelin I’m enabling my body to naturally increase gh. Having said all that, I’m not crazy about spending decent $$$ if sermorelin is producing very modest results. I’ll chat with Defy Medical once they get my labs to get more insight. I also like that wig sermorelin, if we get igf-1 at optimal levels, I can go into maintenance mode with leas frequent injections (like every 3rd night vs nightly).

My IGF-1 was 53 (yeah I am old as dirt) I have not tested it since I’ve been on the two peptides.
My reasoning for using these peptides are prpbably not the same as studhammer’s.

I am after anti aging(improved mental capacity) maintaining lean muscle mass and reduction of belly and tit fat. They seem to be the last places I lose. I am currently at 12% using one of those plastic pinch calipers. I have to basicly starve myself to get below 12% Its in my genes. Decendents from northern europe. whiteboy with very thick skin. Sucks for me in know, haha

I am thinking studhammer was hoping for more of an AAS effect.

I am in the same boat as you Harlvn - I turn 50 in early September and looking for anti-aging benefits. I would love though to have something that helps put on some muscle easier - maybe sermorelin is that “thing” I’m looking for. Do you know of anything else I should research that while it isn’t AAS, it gives me some of those qualities?

First and foremost listen to your Defy doc. IMO they are one of the best clinics out there.
Advice from randoms on the internet is fine but I would never go against my TRT doc if you trust him/her.
That said, 100mg/wk really is a low dose depending on your SHBG you might be able to get Defy to bump that a lot(like 150/wk) and that will give you the gains you seek more than any of these other things. For me T cyp is the main meal and peptides are the desert. Get your T tuned up your E2 and HCT in check then start doing the final tweaks.
Hope you found that useful?

Damn! Have we met before? LOL

Like I said previously, I am looking for fat loss and some restorative effects associated with GH use.

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This maybe off topic but have you looked into SARM’s like ostarine MK-2866? I have no experience with them but they may pack a bigger punch than peptides.

I have not but I’m always willing to do the research

I use sermorelin with very good results. Significantly helps sleep, the joints and leaner. I was a weightlifter (Oly) in my 20s/30s and now have veins, 60s. Increased strength, probably indirectly because joints feel better, so I can lift more, train harder. After loading 0.5mg every night, I went to every other night. $350 vial lasts two months. Sermorelin, 15mg, GHRP2, 3mg and GHRP6, 3mg per vial.

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highpull how long did you take the sermorelin? Do you take breaks between treatments?
I am planning on 12 weeks then take a month off.
I am doing a duel treatment of Sermorelin 1000mcg and Ipamorelin 500mcg at bedtime.

I did seven months and then stopped. Supposedly, you can stop and retain benefits for about six months. Plan was to wait six and start again this summer. Sleep benefit ended immediately and joint pain gradually returned. Maintained muscular/vascular improvements though.

Decided not to wait the full six months and returned to it about 5-6 weeks ago. Joints responded fairly quickly, sleep immediately. Increased muscle and about 3-4 lbs bodyweight probably due to improved workouts due to lack of joint pain.

For me, it works so well that I’ll likely end up using it on an ongoing basis. Worth it to me.

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By the way, is that a pretty high dose? My understanding is that, while more won’t hurt you, the benefit does not increase with increased dosing.