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Need Info On CM 1


Hey everyone. I am new to this site. I have been observing for awhile and I like it. This site seems to be very informative in many ways. Well I'm finally posting because I need some help. I had a friend of mine that was injured about three months ago in an accident. My friend has severe pain in the back of the neck and has no feeling in the right arm.

They have been to several doctors and all diagnosed the problem as something different. My friend asked me to drive them to get the results of an MRI Friday. The doctor said That my friend needed to see a neurosurgeon. He did not go into detail, I think because I was in the room. We left with the copies of the MRI. It was a long ride home.

When I dropped my friend off they told me the name of the diagnosis was CM1 or Chiari Malformation. I have never heard of this. Could this have been caused from the accident? And how serious is the brain surgery? All of your input is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Razor



You have the greatest research tool at your disposal right now. Type it in on google and have a look see.

That is just one of many sights that came up. Give it a look.

And I hope everything comes out ok for your friend.



Thanks Goku, I was a little upset and wasn't even thinking that I was on a computer. I believe that is human nature to do things in that manner. I do want to thank you for the site though, It had a lot of information.

                    Thank again