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Need Info for First Cycle


Hello,i want to start my first cycle im nearly 20 now and i have been bodybuilding since almost 3 years im 155lbs,i want to know exactly what to start with and how to take it and all the info please


Go do some research?

Ran out of spoons to feed you with, sorry.



.....we've been having a lot of these questions here lately, haven't we?


It's shocking more than anything.

It's almost like "I don't wanna go lift and eat, can someone do this for me too?"

He posts the exact same shit in Shadow's Q&A.


if you google "beginner steroid cycle" literally the first link that pops up tells you everything you need to know.




Nearly 20? Which means your 19. Still too young. Your only 155lbs! Thats fucking pathetic. Learn how to eat and train CORRECTLY before even thinking about gear. You claim to have been "bodybuilding" for 3 years and you still have no concept of what it is!

Now.. I, just like a lot of the other knowledgable members here are annoyed with people doing absolutely no research and just expect us to tell you what to do. HA Fuck that! There are some stickies at the top of this page. Read the one by furious George ALL of it. It does a very good job explaining the basics. Go fucking read, do some research and come back in a few years and maybe you'll be ready


It is a BIG fucking maybe though


So..you're "nearly" 20, been bodybuilding for "almost" 3 years, weigh "close" to 155lbs and you want random strangers from the internet to design you an "ideal" steroid cycle so you can build an "alright" body?

Does that sound right to you? Quit half assing your way through life you lil shit tard! You should feel REALLY low about yourself as a human being. You are an overgrown immature baby incapable of doing minimal work and making a decent effort at something relatively simple considering the resources of the internet today. Grow some fawking balls and learn to put in some "real" effort and "hardwork". It's the ONLY way. If you give 110% at anything you CAN'T fail. You can't get around in today's world asking for handouts..maybe your mommy and daddy still spoon feed you but it'll be a harsh reality when that gravy train comes to a stop


You should take about 5ml per week of "stop being a pussy and lift". Most steroid forums call it SBAPAL. Potent stuff.