Need Info for Blood Test. 1st Month on TRT

Hello, I live in Canada, Saskatchewan where the lab tests only give results on Testosterone (F), SHBG and Free Androgen Index. My doc started my TRT without checking my Thyroid, my LH or anything else. After a month, I think I’m feeling better but I would like to check everything this time so I know if my E2 is too high for example.

Could you tell me what to check in my blood test so I can follow a proper TRT?
Could you give me an online lab test that does not require me to visit a clinic outside SK?

My regimen: 200 MG/ML Vial of T. and 1500U of hCG.
I inject 0.2 mL of Test each friday with 0.5 mL of hCG.
I inject 0.3 mL of Test each monday with 0.5 mL of hCG.
No Aromatase Inhibitor.

Thank you.

Are you sure you don’t have it backwards, .5 mL test and .2 mL HCG? If it was the way your describing you would only be injecting 20mg of test per week! This is really important, what was your SHBG levels before TRT? Reason I ask is your doctor has you on a protocol designed for someone with high SHBG. You will be needing an AI, most do.

My SHBG was about 979,827 ng/dL, so 34 nmol/L.

No this is my true regimen, 0,5 mL of Test each week and 1 mL of hCG that I split between monday and friday.

You should be injecting 50mg twice weekly, whenever you inject once weekly you T and E2 will peak within 48 hours and then it will start falling and towards the end of the week you could start feeling low because your levels are lower. The only instance where once weekly is ideal is someone who’s SHBG level is at or above the top of the range since they tend to hold on to their T well. That’s a perfect SHBG level for anyone going on TRT!

It looks like he is injecting 100 mg a week. Its 1ml = 200 mg. So he is injecting .5 ml a week in 2 doses per week (.2 and .3).

That’s what I do. I inject 50mg twice weekly.

But what can I do to get a proper lab test? I live in Saskatchewan, there is no lab that does TRT tests.

You need to look at this for blood labs. Also, there are some on line labs to request your own labs. need to start reading lots. I dont know then off hand.


Unfortunately, I had to leave Canada and go back to France.
My TRT doc gave me some documents to show to my endocrinologist so I could continue my regimen.

The endocrinologist that I have met today wants me to stop my TRT for a month in order to get a blood test and then decide if I really need a TRT. She was not happy that I couldn’t tell if I had type 1 or type 2 hypogonadism. She touched my testicles, looked at my chest hair and then said that I did not look like someone who needed TRT.

My vial of hCG is empty and my T vial won’t last a week.

I don’t want to go back to who I was before TRT. I started it three months ago and I already feel much better. But what should I do, buy some vials online?

I am also concerned with my fertility. I thought that having hCG would be enough for me to have children. I am 28 years old.

My doc started my regimen in december with 50mgx2 of Testosterone per week (Monday-Friday). I also injected 0.5 mL of HCG twice a week (Monday-Friday) so that means 500 units per week.

Then in January he kept the same dosage of Testosterone but changed the hCGs’. I now inject 1.5 mL of hCG twice a week, so 1500 units twice a week.

I think I don’t have a choice but to order and find some hCG and Test online.
Otherwise I won’t be able to continue my TRT.

And I am also concerned with my fertility. Should I look into HMG?