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Need Ideas

So I have bulked up recently pretty decently. I did a lot of compound heavy excercises and olympic style lifts for the first time and my body really responded.

I am going to start training as a firefighter here soon and I’ve decided that I need to get on more of a program for endurance. The test for the firefighting is a lot of stamina and cardio involved activities. Right now I am strong as a bull and 262 lbs at 6’2" tall, but I’m worried I will gas out early because of my size and recent lack of cardio activity.

I saw on here somewhere a program that focused on push-ups, pull-ups, dips, and some good sprinting/cardio training. I don’t want to simply loose weight, I wanna stay muscular, but be ready for the running and drills that are in store for me and my training. I think the extra bulk and weight I have gained will hinder my speed and make it that much tougher for me. Anyone know of a program that will help me out?.

check this out Renegade Rope Training or any other renegade stuff or meltdown 1& 2 i did the meltdown coming out of a long time with heavy lifting as my main thing it really worked well and what a shock to the body god luck

Try Crossfit.com

I wouldn’t give up your strength training. If you are looking to lose some fat try a low carb diet, HIT treadmill work and keep training for strength so there is no worry of losing muscle mass.

As a Firefighter I can vouch that you need strong legs, back and hand strength so keep up the deadlifts and squats.

Do your HIT work 2-3x week and then more endurance cardio on the other days.

Best of luck.

GPP, Tabata, Lactic Acid Training. There are many ways to impove your stamina and cardiovascular health without sacrificing TOO much muscle and strength. Start out by shortening your rest periods in the gym and do some cardio before and after. You’ll build up your endurance before you know it.

[quote]AkLifta907 wrote:
Right now I am strong as a bull and 262 lbs at 6’2" tall[/quote]

It sounds like you’re probably big enough to cut down the volume of your lifting. You can retain your gains in size and strength with heavy, low rep lifting.

I don’t know what your body composition is but I think I confidently say that in order to increase your stamina and cardiovascular fitness, the type of conditioning you do will be more important than the diet changes you make to lose weight. If you cut weight and retain size without a good cardio program, you could just end up shredded and muscular but still have no stamina.

Going out to the local high school track and doing some interval training on your own can only take you so far. Your best bet for long term improvement in stamina is to get interested in something like swimming, road biking, mountain biking, or rowing.