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Need Ideas for Next Cycle. Prolactin Sensitive


On my Third cycle I ran Deca. Turns out I'm prolactin sensitive which rules out quite a few things for me.

I've always kept it basic in the past. Just Test and Winny. I'm looking to diversify a little this time. Usual Goal - Mass

Anyone wanna throw two cents in. I'll stick with Test and Winny otherwise. Never had any complaints but was getting really good results from the Deca until my Nips went weird!




Yeah, I'd rather just avoid the issue altogether rather than introduce something else to deal with the issue. Plus the list of sides look fucking horrific. Anyone have personal experience with this?

I'm looking into my options still


Caber sides arent much of a worry unless you plan to run it long term. For aas users that use it for maybe 10wks or whatver out of a full year I see very little risk in using it. Iv used it yes, durring one cycle this past yr and got no short term side effects. Im not worried one bit in long term sides either as I only used it that one time, short term use.

I say try out caber, taking it just twice per week at a low dose should help alot. Start with maybe .5mg/week total(.25mg 2x wk) and bump up to 1mg/wk if needed.


Looks like I can't get caber or brom. Shame as that would have been great. I don't fancy having to run winny for so long. I can hold of almost any type of juice it's just the ancillaries that are hard to get - I'm in Asia

Goddam prolactin sensitivity.


have you tried NPP.or what about some dbol.even with a low dose of dbol such as 30mg ed would be very effective with your test.


What are your goals? That kind of affects suggestions.