Need Ideas for Lactose-free Protein

Basically I just found out I’m lactose intollerant: evedently I’d been gradually building up to this characteristic over time. What I need now is some easy, quick, creative, clever, whatever, ideas to replace the dairy in my diet, and quite possibly provide me with new and healthy ways to introduce massive amounts of protein into my diet. I’m searching elsewhere on the internet as well, but, of course, I thought I’d drop you all a message asking for your suggestions, hoping to return to some answers… Thank you.

I too am lactose intolerant. I do well with protein isolates. Concentrates give me the shits. This unfortunately makes protein purchases more expensive and limited. On a side note, I have found powders that contain fructose as a carbohydrate give me problems as well. Good luck.

Well, the first thing you should do is test all the various kinds of dairy products out to see whether they all make you sick or not. I’m lactose intolerant as well, but while milk, cream and ice cream play havok with my system, cheeses (including cottage cheese) are okay.

Sorry to hear that. Guess you have tuna, tuna, and tuna left. You could always try a stack of soy with clomid or M. If you want to try dairy again, buy lactase enzyme. Lactase is the enzyme the body produces to digest lactose and lactose intolerent means the body doesn’t naturally produce the lactase enzyme needed to digest lactose. You can buy lactase enzyme as a supp in most any health or nutrition store. Try - thet’re running a special right now - 3 bottles of 120 caps each of 125 mg lactase enzyme (item 4932) for $16.50. I’m not totally lactose intolerant but if I eat a lot of cottage cheese or yugurt and cheap whey at the same time I get a lot of gas but if I take a couple lactase caps with the dairy, I’m fine. Might want to try it. Might have to experiment with the dose (of course the more dairy you eat, the more lactase you’ll need). I also like taking pancreatin enzyme tabs to assist in protein digestion if I eat a lot of protein in one meal. Pancreatin is the enzyme your pancreas makes to digest proteins, fats, and carbs.