Need Honest Feedback

Logs are iffy for me. I end up feeling I’m not doing as well as I should and can get discouraged. I’ll see how things go. I took new pictures tonight in all poses and am going over them with red marker on spots that will need significant improvement. I want to be able to see the super trouble areas disapearing.

It was just a thought, but you need to remember that if you eat well, train hard with intensity things will happen as they will. Its a long term goal and if in your head you are doing the best you can well there is nothing to be discouraged about that.

Have you looked into crossfit? It will strip fat of you quick and put on some lean muscle mass, although it will not bulk you up muscle wise to the degree and inspirations of many on this forum it will make you fit as fuck for general day life. + every one knows crossfit helps makes chicks hot and you get to train with them its a win win situation.

But if you inspire to be a body builder then train like one.

cheers mate, keep up the good work.

forget cross-fit. Do some good old interval training and running. (build up to it slowly) sprinting. Hiking with 50 pounds or 70. (build up to it) There’s a lot of things you can do, grab a medicine ball and toss it around. sledge work is a bit dangerous but start small and take all the proper precautions and it might work out.

Your lifts are coming along, just keep at it!

Also start the farmer’s walk if you don’t do it already. It’s too good of a compound exercise to leave out if you want good/fast progress. It’ll really test your resolve when your forearms start to feel like they’re ripping apart. Start with a controllable weight, move up. It’ll probably test your cardio too.

acutally cross-fit is kind of cool if you make your own routine, blast some sledge work, pick up some farmers walks, do some sprints between two areas, throw in some other crazy shit. It’ll get you sweating.

make sure you pour sweat on all your workouts too.

I’m going with the basics. Compound movements. Cardio 5 days a week 30 minutes stairs.

I admire what you have done and I have traveled that same road. I was 365 and went down to 235 with 4% BF. I too entertained the thought of “bulking” at about 280lb. A friend of mine, a pro bodybuilder, said you have to see what you have before you do that. So just over a year later we saw it, all of the patience paid off and was worth it.

Take the advice of the others on this thread about bulking right now, wait. Continue to reduce your BF so you can see what your base looks like. Its hard, and can get old but stay focused. I suggest getting a BMR- Base Metabolic Rate done and then build a clean eating plan based on it findings. Trying to do anything else is a crap shoot on nutrition. No magic pill or system about that part.

Seek out a QUALIFIED mentor who you check with and on a weekly basis review your food logs with, measurements, and overall progress. Preferably a professional lifter who will help you. Make sure when you find this person who will help you you respect their time and knowledge and be a good student. You make adjustments off of their feedback and continue to dial in everything. Then once you get down where you need to be there is a way to reload and “Bulk” so that you are putting on clean mass and reloading the muscle correctly. This link can help with the nutritional side of what you take in. Good Luck!

This is the diet I got.

Meal #1 - 10 egg whites, 3/4 cup oats, 3oz blueberries

Meal #2 - 6oz cooked chicken breast, 3 cups green beans, 2g fish oil

Meal #3 - 5oz lean ground beef, 1 cup whole wheat pasta, 3 table spoon salsa (for sauce)

Meal #4 - 6oz cooked chicken breast, 4oz sweet potato, 1 cup broccoli, 2g fish oil

Meal #5 - 1 can tuna (4oz), 1/2 cup brown rice, 2g fish oil

Meal #6 - 1 scoop protein, 1tbspn peanut butter

PWO - 1 scoop protein, 1 banana

3116 cals
104 fat
258 carbs
293 protein

What IronClaws and Hulkaziod have put up is gold my friend. If you followed what they say your body will change for the better, you wont get much faster results by doing anything different.

What you put in your mouth plays a massive part on what will happen and you can not go past HIIT for stripping fat aswel, training should be short and hard very hard. With sweat pissing out of you and your lungs burning and muscles tired things will happen much faster than steady state cardio.

The reason I am saying this is that most (not all) of the people you see on a treadmill, epicycle type machine look the same as they did a year ago.

All the best

Just a final update until I make a log.

Been doing 4 cardio sessions a week, 2 steady state of 40 minutes, 2 HIIT of 30 minutes. Stepper for 5-10 minutes before every lifting session to get blood flowing (i walk to the gym in the freezing cold).

Weighed today at 199lbs.

Can’t thank everyone enough for all the encouragement and advice.

Good luck brother!

My advice, squat more, deadlift more, and sprint more.

You will get where you want to be in no time.

I’ve decided to do a log. As soon as I figure out how to format it and what I want to write about I’ll start one up.

you can follow me in my log

Sick weight loss, wouldn’t suggest a bulk until you lose another 15-20lbs and have your training in check. Drop the excessive cardio and just follow a good calorie deficit diet. Keep it up brah