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Need Honest Feedback


Down from 300. Plan is to bulk. Emphasis on consistant workouts and bringing overall size but especially to the lats and quads/hams. I have no standout muscle group yet obviouslly.





vid hope it works


vid working nwo. have a solid clean bulk diet. still doing cardio 5 days a week at 20 mins.


Honestly: You look like a former fatty that has loss some fat, but you are still fat. Talking about another bulk? I'm not sure how that will work for you.

And you don't look like you workout - meaning you are right, you don't have any "standout" body parts. Even if you were to lean down, I don't see any development other than biceps.

But I admire you candidness and courage to post your pics and vids, so I will say good luck sir.

And you need to include your lifts in this RMP section.


Lifts (for reps working sets)

bench - 110
squat - 185
deadlift - 205

^^ what you said sums it up perfect. not only a fatty but alcoholic. sober now and my strength coming up. have some vascularity.

my bulk diet is a clean one. no sugars, complex carbs, quality protein. focusing on developing a steady exercise regime (going every time) and just packing on as much muscle as I can.


I'd definitely check your diet, and include cardio 3x a week.


I honestly think you should drop the term/thouught/idea of "bulk" right NOW.

You don't workout. You are going to be able to build muscle mass and strength while eating at maintenence levels.

The first year I was lifting I was actually losing significant body fat simultaneously. Losing significant bodyfat AND building significant LBM simultaneously. You should epect to do the same.

I'd go with a very clean diet either @ maintenence or even run a slight cal def.
I'd go with 2 HIIT and 2 Steady State a week too just cuz thats what I did LOL.

What is your current height and weight?


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Dude, couldn't be prouder of you for being sober. Period. Don't ever go back. Lifting every other day, much less every day, will help you keep your focus in taking each day as it comes. Today I lift. (just got done) I eat clean the rest of the day, tomorrow sore, and looking to the next day, which is lift day. Make it simple, just focus on every 36 hours, and what leads up to it. The eating clean, the pre workout shake, the post shake, the hour later protein meal, etc, etc, You can break this up so it will occupy your mind and you end up thinking about it every three hours.

No more sugar. Back down on carbs. Try to eat protein in every meal...do 6 meals a day. Make the mid AM, and mid afternoon meals a protein shake with milk. Wake up, oatmeal packet in milk, coffee. Mid AM, shake. Lunch, CLEAN lunch, protein with carbs from raw veggies maybe with a little light ranch, mid afternoon shake, early eve, clean meal, maybe protein shake before bed.

Get into a ritual, and it will end up taking up your whole life ! That is a good thing. Set goals out for 1 year, 2 years, etc.

I learned this the hard way...when you do Squats, you should be almost out of breath after each set, or you aren't doing em right. Take one Dumbell, and go ALL the way down to where your butt is 6-8 " off floor. Make it a 30 lb Dumbell. Do 12. Then tell me if you still have plenty of breath. OR, you may already be a TOTAL TANK, doing 185 all the way down to the ground. If so, congratulations, I am right behind you and coming fast.

I can flat bench the 105 lb Dumbells, did it this morning 2 x 8. But, I can only Squat all the way down holding a 60 lb Dumbell in each hand.

Same with Deads. I started doing them right, and can only do about 110.

All the best to you. You don't need luck, you just need hard work and that is
something you have plenty of.

Keep at it, I will see you in a couple years.. :slight_smile:

(PS Check your Bodyfat on one of those deals at the gym. Don't bulk until you can lower it. Mine is 15-18 %, but I am an Ecto. I would bet yours is 25-26 %. Get that down first...with the right food..)


In the video I'm 5'11, 193 lbs. in the pictures i'm hovering around 200 from what i started of a bulk.

Taking everyones advice and doing a full year of eating at maintenance or a tad lower. Concentrating on making every day perfect diet/training/rest wise. Not going to take many pics for the next year as I tend to think I look better than I do and then slow down. I will of course take some to gauge some progress but won't be facebook'in them for show.

Also going to be cutting my tv watching down. It's not alot now but at times I can be wanting to see a show and will skip the gym. That just can't happen. The workout would have been more beneficial than knowing what happened in a movie.

I will start to posting in the sections here as a good community is good for morale. Definately am not going back to drinking. I'd rather be a fatass than a drunk tbh. Drinking was like death. Can't even remember most of my 20's.

So I'm just going to be focusing on making this thing happen. Thanks to everyone for support. G;ad people weren't just like "lol you fat!". I like the honest truth as long as it has some constructive criticism behind it.


So unless I misread I didn't see anything on your lifting experience. It would appear you don't have any really, except maybe some high school sports and occasional workouts? Have you been consistent in the past or is this a brand new idea? Your strength levels indicate you are at a very low level, especially the 110 bench.

The good news: If you are in fact at a low level, you can expect a lot of strength and conditioning gains right away, and probably some cuts for that desired "stand out muscle group". I agree you don't have one right now.

You need a steady diet of conventional and hard hitting exercises like deadlifts, squats, military presses...maybe a barbell row thrown in there. These will definately give you the most bang for your buck and throw some "mass" on you, but in a good way.

While I agree with everyone here that you don't really need to bulk up, it would be interesting to see what kind of raw mass you could put on by eating slightly more than maintenance in terms of calories and sticking with those big lifts...you might be able to slab on some back and shoulders that "stand out"

good luck.


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Got my gameplan down. Everything down to the minute detail planned out from what to read, what to watch, what time to get up and go to bed. This is really the only way I will be able to make it work. I know how I am when I get distracted.

So 378 days until I unveil my success. Dec 1 2012


OP - Congratulations on getting sober and dropping the weight you have so far. Good advice above IMO, from knowledgeable people. I think that you may also benefit from incorporating NEPA (Non Exercise Physical Activity) a few times a week for an hour or so a time (as your schedule/recovery allows). This can include things like walking, hiking, biking, outdoor activities, yard work, some sports etc. Basically anything that is physical, not overly strenuous or structured and, most of all, enjoyable.

This allows you to burn a few extra calories, work out the kinks with some "active recovery" and have fun. It also integrates a higher degree of physical activity into your day to day life in a less rigid context than specific "workouts". I believe that this does good things for your outlook and ultimately your training longevity and likelihood of success.

All the best.


See ya then! Good luck OP.


BTW Nice beard.


I'm setting this up so there is no failure. I know from quitting drinking attempts what entices me to drink or be lazy. I gotta go pretty much into an obsessive mindset but that just work for me. If I keep my focus one 1-2 things at a time I can do it. Then gradually add more.

This is gonna be a great year!


Mate I wish you all the best with this and it is all better from here because the hardest thing is to admit to yourself that you need to change and have the balls to do it, so well done. It is not an easy road but the destination is much better.

Have you considered starting a log on here? It would be a great way to get constant flow of support / advice from fellow lifters.