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Need Higher DHT Conversion


Hello friends.I am currently looking for an injection area that converts testosterone to dht rapidly.Thanks for advices.


what leads you to believe you need more DHT?.. i ask because i think i might benefit from a little more DHT.

reason i think so …is a little proviron or any dht based juice and i suddenly feel great with a great libido,


Because dht is much more stronger.


OK… but natural levels of DHT won’t make mush difference except in libido and mood… and hairloss if you are prone.


This is why I want skyhigh dht level


looking to get more DHT from test injections…hmmm… seems you would be better off just adding a DHT steroid like masteron or proviron. winny.

i have run masteron enanthate as high as 900mg a week and loved it… but i don’t have hairloss issues


Just do Masteron…


There is no location to inject testosterone that will yield more dht. A persons conversion to either e2 or DHT is genetic, therefore systemic.


Wrong!For ex: genital area


Not wrong. But whatever you say. If you want to increase dht from test use transdermal.


I can’t unless i can convert injectibles to transdermal.


Well not entirely, could use andractim gel


Andractim is not available nor testosterone gel in my country…


Well, what country are you in.




How about pinning to pc muscle?Simply it is very close to genitals where conversion is high?