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Need help

At the risk of sounding like a beginner, i need help making a routine.

Ive been lifting for about 2 years, im 16 now, but i need some suggestions on a routine. i play basketball so im not wanting to become massive and i still need to be able to jump and run. I want lift Triceps and chest on mon. back and biceps on wed. and a little bit of everything on fri. I mostly just need suggestions of exercises to do, because ive been doing the same exercises for too long

First off, if you get big and muscular you are not going to decrease your vertical unless you let it decrease. Doesn’t Mule have a vertical that’s quite a bit over 30"? He is anything but small.

Secondly if you have been doing the same exercises for 2 years, what were they? and were you doing the same split the whole time? you may want to switch up your whole program and not just add exercises.

Without knowing what exercises you already do, it is difficult to give you different ones.


Ive seen some olympic lifters at 30+ pounds jump well over 30" so i know that i was just trying to get across that i need to be able to play at my peak.

As for the exercises, i havent been doing the same thing for 2 years but i have for about 6 months, which is much too long. This is the list of exercises (that i can think of)

Bench Press
Incline Bench
Chest Flys
tricep extensions
standing bicep curls (dumbbells and barbell)
Shoulder flys
those were the main exercises, there were some others but i dont know their names.

If you are working out for basketball, and are hoping for a better vertical,


If you just want more exercises, I would throw in chins and dips and squats, deadlifts, good mornings, turkish get ups(I love that move), I also am a big fan of ballistic exercises, but if you don’t have bands they can sometimes be a bit tricky.


Some friendly advice:

You should start adding in squats/deadlifts/good mornings/standing overhead press/chinups etc

Also, you’re talking about running and jumping but you don’t do any posterior chain work (or any leg work?), so that may lead to injury. Read Defranco’s articles/westside etc


I forgot about legs. I have been doing squats, power cleans, goodmornings, deadlifts, and lunges. There are alot of things i didnt mention because i couldnt think of them at the time, those were just the main exercises. Mostly i just wanted some suggestions on different exercises, like a variation of something or a different grip.

If your worried about your vert take a look at the bottom picture of Fred Hatfield at the Dr. Squat site. I don’t know if he could do that without powerlifting.