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Need Help

Okay, this is a matter of great importance. I talked to the owner of my gym today, and he said he would bring a GHR machine in for me if I can get 5 people to join the gym. This seems fair enough to me being as how I dont think that more than 7 people in my gym would know what it is.

So what I need help on is simple… how do you get friends and strangers to join a gym, particularly my gym. I know that this is not an easy quest, but for a GHR I am willing to do alot of things.

Any suggestions would be awesome.


First of all, if you have any friends who already lift but at other gyms, I would tell them about your deal with the owner. If another gym close to me had a ghr, that would be a good enough reason to very seriously consider switching.

Yeah if it was in any other city that I lived in I would have the 5 people in about a week, but in regina all my friends want to work on their cars… not themselves.


You could try putting out some flyers and maybe going to other gyms and try recruiting on the low…talk to people at work…how much money do you have? Tell people you’ll pay 10-20 of there first membership…

Tell your car-guy friends that you will train them T-mag style and they could look like Vin Diesel.

They would look a lot better than Vinny-boy if they had a glute ham raise.

Free hookers!

Hey Dave,
I’ve considered joining Acceleration for a while, I might think about it. Does it have to be a full year membership? Right now, I’m working out at the university for free which is only 5 minutes from where I live. Plus, they’re opening the new fitness facility in August which is supposed to have new equipment, including at least one olympic platform and an indoor track for sprint work. On the other hand I know that your gym has a reverse hyper and I would love to help get a glute-ham raise in there too.