Need Help

Ok, I read T-mag. I’m a physiology/chemistry/pre-med. Basically I know my shit when it comes to nutrition and lifting. Thus I’m the one my friends go to for advice in their supplement and nutritional endeavours. Apparently though one friend of mine currently believes that because of a few users accounts that are probably uneducated when it comes to nutritional physiology, that Nitro-Tech is a superior protein source and will make him “big.”
Anyone care to say a few things to him. I intended to copy what is said in this forum and email it to him. Let it rip. We pretty much all know here that it is the same shit for a lot more money.

What I can say about it is scoop for scoop it is pretty low in protein and seems over priced. ( i have never used it so I dont know about the taste or anything)

Also they talk it up for having whey isolate but if you read the ingredients it also has Concentrate, not saying that is bad, I actually use concentrate at times, but it is cheap. So they are most likly using a base of concentrate with a dash of isolate and charging an arm and a leg. This could be why the relativly low protein content.

Other than that it seems to just be loaded with a bunch of stuff that my multi vit. cover and then some creatine.

I imagine it wont hurt him or anything. But I wouldnt pay the price for it.

Hope that helps.

Another problem, Proteinpowda, is that a lot of young guys (some older ones, too) think that these big huge tubs of protein powder will get them hyooge. Quality protein powder should be nothing more than a convenience, something you slip in if you don’t have time to eat a meal, but need to get your protein. REAL protein, the kind you chew, is always better for maintaining and putting on muscle. REAL protein is more thermogenic, too; i.e., it burns more calories.