Need Help!!

I will try to make this as short as possible. Went to a noted surgeon who worked with Dr. Jim Andrews on Bo Jackson and many other professional athletes. I had torn my left pec (incomplete tear) last May in a PL Meet. Two weeks ago I pulled the right pec in the identical spot where the left had torn. The doctor felt strongly that steroids were (are) the culprit. I only get “on” 12 weeks out from a meet, with two meets a year, so, it is not as if I am constantly “on”. I have noted recently that muscle pulls and spasms in other areas (quads, hammies, etc) have become more frequent. I am at a loss??? I can assure you it is not due to any imbalance, as I train my whole body equally as hard, so it comes down to the steroids and legal supps as the cause. Here is what I take: 600mg sost / week, 100mg tren EOD, 1500mg glutamine / day, 400mg magnesium / day alonf with Uva Ursi, Vitamins A, C, and E. I feel I am hydrated enough as well. What advice can you give to help with the pulls and spasms? Any other supp. that may give me some relief?

for one 2 meets a year times 12 weeks out from each meet equals roughly 6 months out of the year on which is a considerable portion of the year. second it sounds like your body is not capable of handling the amount of weight you are putting on it, your joint size and tendon strength is gonna dictate how much weight you can handle.

Isn’t Uva Ursi some kind of diuretic? If that is the case, are you sure you are hydrated? I find if I even drink 2-3 diet Dr. Peppers a day I have to drink an absurd about of water otherwise I get dehydrated.

yes, uva ursi is a diuretic.

Sounds like your stacks inhibit collagen synthesis.

I’d read the AAS & Tendon Health thread I posted a while back. Lots of info I think you will find relevant - it’s not just about tendons.

Anyway, read the thread and we can go from there.

JRR, I think Snipe is correct. Your body is talking to you. It’s not the steroids but what your body can handle in the manner you are lifting.

In this situation you’ll have to reduce the amount of training that you are doing in the gym and give yourself a break from overtraining your body. A preview post mentioned how you’re on half of the year. I would like to point out that Brian Batcheldor, an ex-writer for this magazine, and trainer among many other things mentioned that short-cycles are the way to go for track and field athletes.