I am looking for advice on steroid supplements that I can find in GNC, some sort of stack, that really works. I have been an on and off lifter for about 6 years and haven’t seen much gain, until I started to get serious last year. I tried an extremely high protein diet for an 8 week span and it worked very well, unfortunately I hurt my back and have been out of the gym for 4 months. I just started back and have been building endurance, so I can start an intense Chest program w/ the high protein diet, I am looking for other supplements that can really help me pack on the pounds. Any help possible will be very appreciated.

Try Mag-10.

GNC only carries companies that pay enough in advertising. I don’t shop there anymore.

Some GNC’s carry Mag-10, Neil.

Although NeilG is the local idiot, Mag-10 is an excellent suggestion. Get the new incapsulated kind.

Save your cash until you’ve been training regularly for AT LEAST two years. With irregular training and diet, you’re not going to put on any real mass with prohormones, pro-steroids, or anything else out there. Get started on a good, whole-body program and build some consistency with it. Focus on eating 6+ times per day. Shelve the chest specialization for a while and focus on the basics: squat, deadlift, bench press, bent-over row, military press, etc.