Need help!!

im writing to you because i need your help. i am a 26 yr old male,based in india. i used AAS in the recent past(until september 2012) and i think i have done some permanent damage to myself.

i used AAS in 2007-8 for bodybuilding contests and then stopped for 4 years. i had no problems then. only recently ,in 2012 i used testosterone enathate@ 500mg/week for 16 weeks along with arimidex@1mg ed . i followed it with pct with nolvadex40 40 20 and hcg5000 iu week 1-2 and 2000iu in week 3-4(i know now that this was stupid but it was the best advice i had access too. also,only a few years ago when i was bodybuilding, the use of hcg post cycle in these doses was the usual protocol) .thats when things started getting bad.

i even tried clomid for 4 weeks.50,50,25,25
since then,my testicles have shrunk. theyre nowhere close to peanut size like those of some men who suffer from hypogonadism but their volume is definitely not the same as before. my sex drive is definitely reduced, my erections nowhere as stiff as they used to be. all symptoms of low t levels. recently i got my blood work done. my lh,fsh levels along with my t levels all fall within the normal range. but i know something is not right.

the whole experience is very distressing and im afraid i may have ruined my life. im not married yet but i plan on it. i also want to father children. i doubt if ill be able to do any of these if this problem persists.

im really hoping that i can get some advice from tnation about my problem and i would really apreciate it.

please help…

relax bro. ur fine. its really hard to perm mess urself up. Know a guy who was on for 8 years straight. thought he was fucked for good and ten years later he got it up. the human body is amazing and will recover. just be healthy for now and it will fix itself. I would refrain from taking any supplements just let your body return itself. chances of you doing perm damage is slim to none unless there is something here I dont know about. but dont stress over it that will just make recovery longer
you sure it was test and not trenbolone? bc coming off tren will make you feel like your balls have been amputated. alot of times fake gear is mislabeled test but is just a low dose tren bc it is so easy to make and gives a gret illusion to being on good test

When did your cycle end? September? Or did you start your cycle in September?

ron, thank u for the encouraging words. really apreciate it. im very glad i can connect with guys like you over the internet bcoz here in india, good advice and knowledge is very hard to come by. yes, thats is what the blood work says too but i guess im just overthinking things. no im sure, it was test bro coz where i live, i can get it from the pharmacy and its good stuff(testoviron depot)

buds, the cycle ended in september(last shot on 18th sept). love to hear what u have to say…

thanks for the feedbACK guys. apreciate it…

there are a lot of variables in this to be honest man. sixteen weeks is a good length cycle and you blasted hcg after your cycle (newer data proves you should use hcg while on to keep your testicle size healthy)which put a continued hold on your bodys own function to stimulate your testes. additionally you ran a week pct for a sixteen week cycle and I’m not sure if you time that up right and waited 2 weeks after your last shot or not. so there is a lot of variables that could have messed you up but let me restate that none of these are severe enough to permanently screw yourself up. so many athletes and bodybuilders run test and harder compounds for months at a time and even years and they still recover. like I said dont stress out just continue to give your body time and it will return to normal that what it is wired to do. try to not focus and worry so much about it because anxiety can come into play and make it worse (or at least seem worse) when recovering from a cycle sexual anxiety always hinders my mindset on recovery. the chances of you doing permanant damage is one in a million so relax and just give your body time bro.

oh and PS send some that testoviron good stuff my way=) why does USA have to be so goddam strict.