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Need Help


Hi,a while ago I made a post about my lifts decreasing in weight,which was determined that I was maxing too often,and deadlifting too often.So after that I did a deload for about a week,and started training again and my lifts have still not caught back up to what they were.What could cause this?My diet and sleeping habits have not changed,the only thing I suspect is a muscle imbalance.


You maxed out again? I find missing lifts really hits me back. Of course it happens but i try to avoid it for the most part.

btw when you hit the wall most people usually drop back and work up again. For instance drop your load down 10-15 percent for your top work sets and work up again.


Well like here I'll go more into detail.Squat=315lb Bench Press=225lb Deadlift=405 lb
Lately I've just been doing doubles,and took a month off of deadlift completely.So Bench press is usually
Bar x 10 135 x 8 185 x 2 185 x 2 195 x 2 205 x 2 205 x 2,Squat:Bar x 10 135 x 10 205 x 5 225 x 2 245 x 2 275 x 2 285 x 2.These weights seem more challenging than they used to be.I used to rock 185 x 6 bench press easily now I struggle for three.On monday I'm doing some bodybuilding stuff for a month to sort out any muscle imbalances hopefully that will correct it.Oh,and my max squat is now 295 instead of 315,bench press 210 instead of 225 and deadlift dropped 50 lbs... :expressionless:


has your bodyweight recently changed?