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need help with

by Chad Waterbury. Anywho here is a question I would like some enlightenment on. Below is text taken directly from the article.

Monday: Upper Body (Maximal Training)

Tuesday: Lower Body (Explosive Training)

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Upper Body (Explosive Training)

Friday: Lower Body (Maximal Training)

Weekend: Off

My question is... what kind of exercises do I perform on these days, and how many sets. I was thinking of maximal upper body day as being, bench press, pull ups (if I can do a good set of these otherwise I'll do bent over one arm dumbbell rows), skull crushers, and ez bar curls. Then doing like 4 sets per exercise that comes out to 16 sets during that workout. Is this too much effort per muscle group? to little effort? What about the absence of direct shoulder work? argh help me out... I'm really excited to try this twice a week deal. When I began my bb insanity, I used to do each body part each day 7 days a week for 1 to 2 sets. I must have gained like 10-15 pounds in 2 months on that (yea I know noob gains) and was sore for the entire duration every day. Good times... Legs is easy, varied squats and some calf work, how many sets of squats and calf work? also anyone that would like to share their current or future or imagined 2wice a week workout please post it below. Thanks!

bump… anyone?

Those are some loaded questions. Basically, what I was doing in this article was “venting” a little bit about once-per-week training. In the process it has turned into a “More Can Be Better” Program. That is why it is lacking specific set/rep information. I wasn’t actually prescribing a program in the article. Instead, I was describing a need for increased workouts each week in order to increase the recovery rate.
Usually I don’t prescribe pre-fabricated programs because everyone has different needs. Powerlifters might need 10 sets of direct tricep work every workout, whereas a wide receiver might only need 4 sets.
But I appreciate your input and I hope the following information helps. For starters, try the following and adjust slightly as necessary.

Upper Body/Lower Body Maximal: 4-6 sets of 4-6 reps per body part 90-120s rest between sets
Upper Body/Lower Body Explosive: 8-12 sets of 2-3 reps per body part 50-60s rest between sets

Good Luck!

I read the same article, and what I took for the meaning between the two was this: Maximal training is a type of workout that you do low reps at a high weight, and doing them at a slow rate, especially on the negative. Explosive on the other hand is a type of training where you workout the same muscle groups, but higher reps, and at an explosive(fast rate).

I’ve only done my leg workouts in this fashion, and this is what I do:

Maximal workouts- 4 sets of 3 reps of each: Squats, standing calf raises, stationary lunges, and weighted standing kickbacks.

Explosive training-4 sets of 10-12 of each: Frog jumps (For lack of a better term), unweighted calf raises, and wind sprints.

I’ve used this to gain basic strength and speed for lacrosse, but as an added bonus I’ve gained an inch in my calves, and over two inches in my thighs.

read dave tate’s new periodization bible pt 2.(do a search) then adapt the excercises to hit lagging body parts.

Thanks for the feedback to both of you guys. As you probably already know a lot of times people will read articles and then change them to what fits into their lifestyle and ideas. What’s happening in my training is that I’m stagnating big time strength wise. When I first began training seriously it was like every day I could lift more until I started training every body part once a week, learned a lot about nutrition and eliminated machines almost completely. The once a week thing is great from the gym atmosphere standpoint, what I mean by that I can tailor the day I workout on a day that there aren’t many people using those same weights/stations/racks. This makes my workouts go smoothly and I can plan them well, but maybe this is impacting my goals. So I was thinking of training every body part twice a week. With maximal days 4-6 reps and light days 8-12 reps, I’m not sure about how many sets yet (tho I’ll take your input into consideration and most likely start there) or whether to do direct shoulder, tricep, and/or bicep work. I think that this might provide an interesting environment for my body to try to adapt too and let my strengh catch up. Also I think that by focusing on very slow negatives I may be training myself to be slow (its almost to the point now that every excercise I do is slow). Then your article comes out and says: don’t sweat it training more then once a week for the same body part. My problem now is designing this routine to fit into my schedule. Thanks again.

I have been interested in workout the whole body twice a week for a while. I just don’t know how many sets and reps to start off with. I have been doing the whole 1 bodypart a week workouts for about 3 years and I think I could use a change. I guess I might need to experiment.