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Need Help with Workout Plan (Shoulder Injury, Uneven Hip)

Hello guys. Im new to the forum. I need help with workout plan. I have shoulder injury, ac joint grade II separation. So i need to do lot of shoulder stabilization exercise. And i have trouble with some exercise for chest, shoulders and back (vertical pull) Currently for chest i can just do flat bench press. I dont do any isolation for biceps and triceps. I workout 3 times per week. My goal is muscle mass. What to change in this plan? I appreciate every suggestion, thanks!

Workout A - LB SQ 5x5, BP 5x5, one arm shoulder press with low weight for shoulder stabilization, prone Y 2x15sec, facepulls 3x12, T-bar row 4x10-12, one arm dumbell carry, hyperextension with plate 3x10.

Workout B - LB SQ 5x5, One arm shoulder press 3x8-10, prone Y 2x15sec, T-bar row 4x10-12, one arm dumbell carry, hyperextension with plate 3x10, facepulls 3x12

Welcome. Some thoughts:

If LB is low bar, squatting with the bar way down and back can be pretty rough on people’s shoulders. If your shoulder is already a problem I would be careful.

You’ve got T-Bar rows in there twice, and you mentioned problems with vertical pulling. You could try a single arm row on one of your days to hit some lats without having to reach overhead.

You would do well speaking to a Physical therapist or someone qualified in dealing with injury rehab. Since correcting the shoulder issue if possible should be the number one priority.

I dont have any issue with low bar squat. Shoulder is ok. I will try single arm row.

i talked with PT. Im in rehab about 6 months. Shoulder is feeling good now.

Now i need advice how to combine this exercises, or add other. How much set, reps…etc.
I thinking about ICF 5x5, i just thought modify a little bit the plan.

I dont do deadlift yet. Close grip bench is out. What to add instead of this exercises?


Try this(Cressey a world expert on shoulders)…