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Need help with workout carbs


Here's my current "protocol" for eating around a workout:

30 minutes before:
1 1/2 c. 1% milk (18g carbs, 12g protein, 4g fat)
1 T. honey

Water during

5 minutes after:
1 mango (30g carbs)
1 banana (35g carbs)
1 scoop whey (22g protein)

When I read the "carb roundtable part II" article though, I learned I shouldn't have fructose around my workout because it absorbs too slowly. I don't have anything on hand like dextrose or maltodextrin, so I'm thinking of using white carbs. If I made a low-fat pancake/bread out of white flour, would it be quicker absorbing and more beneficial than the honey/fruit? My understanding is that even though the flour makes it complex carbs, they're still low in fiber, quick-absorbing, and go to the muscles instead of the liver.


Go with rice or potatoes and a lean protein source.


Can I use brown rice instead of white rice? Or whole grain oats for that matter? We have no white carbs in our house except for all-purpose flour.


How many months is it going to be before you can buy more food?


Buying more food is out of the question - I'm 16, living with parents, and even if I did get the money to buy food other than whey protein that I can already barely afford, they would flip if they found out.


Your parents seriously won't buy potatoes and rice? And they would flip out if you bought food? WTF?


Well, they will, but only for lunch/dinner purposes. What I'm saying is that if I asked my dad for a bag of white rice because it "has high GI carbohydrates to help me recover from my workout and shuttle proteins into my muscle cells", I would get kicked in the face. I understand that this is an annoying problem to have to solve as it isn't so much about bodybuilding as it is about negotiating logistics. My main question remains this - would brown rice / whole grain oats be better post-workout than fruit?


You could also use a post workout shake? just buy a tub yourself. Or am i missing something?


Why not just tell him you want rice because....you want rice. Because you eat it at school or whatever and have developed a taste for it. Christ, man, don't make this complicated.

And seriously, you can buy a huge amount of white rice for very little money. Just save up a couple bucks.

I believe that the conventional wisdom is that rice is better than fruit PWO because of the metabolic effect of glucose v. fructose. But it's ultimately not going to make or break your gains--you're either busting it at the gym and eating enough or you're not.


Ok, thanks.

Edit: Bought a 7-cup box of white rice at the store for $2!


Crazy shit!


I suggested rice and potatoes so as to avoid the gluten. It becomes a battle of lesser of two evils when you discuss any kind of white-flour or whole-grain product PWO v. fructose. Not one I know enough about to even fight, so I stick with the sure bet. And by not know enough, I mean from a scientific standpoint. I do know how my gut responds to gluten these days...


Which would be better PWO,

40 grams of carbs from a banana or 40 grams from White rice? Lean protein included.