Need Help With Westside...

I’ve made a decision that oly lifting is not for me. I don’t enjoy doing it anymore, and I want to try powerlifting.

I know i will have to add quite a lot of weight to my total before I can seriously compete, so I’m asking you guys for help.

I want to use a template, similar to “westside”. My goal is to get stronger in the three lifts. However I have also one goal, which is more BB oriented. I have to bulk up my upper body, cause I want to look proportional. For about a year I’ve been doing almost no upper body work, because it’s just not so important for oly lifters. Now I want to change that. So, please, if you guys can help me out…

And don’t flame me, I don’t want to stop training the legs, i want to keep them the way they are, just stronger.


Use something similar to the Westside for Skinny Bastards wherein you replace the dynamic upper day with a repetition upper day.

Do your reading if you’re interested in powerlifting, there are lots of specific questions I’d be happy to answer to the best of my knowledge but I could write on for 30 minutes if I tried to lay everything out for you.

Basically a Westside template is a

Max Effort Leg-work up to a 1-5 max on chosen leg lift
Dynamic Bench-use 50-60% of your bench and accelerate it as fast as possible (You might want to replace this with a rep day instead like I said above).
Dynamic Legs-Same concept as above 50-60% of max, move it as fast as you can.
Max Bench-same concept, work up to a max in your chosen lift.

The key is to find your weaknesses and improve them.

See, I found my triceps were holding back my bench so now I’m hitting the board pressing HARD and seeing improvements.

Go to and order some of there training templates, they are small, cheap, and simple.

Also read all the articles there.

You can use a regular westside template and just use repetition instead of speed for upper body. For max effort use 3 and 5 rep work instead of singles.

and eat a lot of food.

OK, thanks guys.