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I have been following ian king’s Get buffed book and i am in the final stage. I have a question about how he has wave loading written in his book and if something is missing. Also what weights you guys think I should use.

I finished off stage 3 on my bench press by going 325 X 5, 365 X 1, 340 X 5, 385 X 1, then 275 X 10.
Now that I am in stage 4 it says he is using wave loading but I dont see a wave all it says is 1X3, 1X2, 1X1, then a 1X3 eccentric (500). Shouldnt there be another 1X3, 1X2, 1X1, for it to be a wave?

Yesterday I added the 2nd wave in and my reps were 340 X 3, 365 X 2, 385 X 1, 350 X 3, 375 X 2, 395 X 1. Is this the correct way to use the wave? Are my weights leading up to the 1 rep set too heavy?

The second wave is there for those people with “enhanced recovery”.

You were correct to add a second wave. Some people even require a third (or fourth) wave to reach their daily maximum, but I’d stick with two and look to increase your weights in the subsequent workouts.

Regarding your loading patterns, I think they look good. This sort of thing is highly individual. Depending on your fiber makup and training history, your 3RM might be a good ways away from your 1RM. I know mine is.

I think you’re going to get excellent results off of this. Hell, you’re pressing excellent poundages right now! Nice work.

When I use a 3-2-1 wave loading my sets are generally as follow:

1 x 3 @ 88%

1 x 2 @ 95%

1 x 1 @ 97%

1 x 3 @ 90%

1 x 2 @ 97%

1 x 1 @ 100%

1 x 3 @ 92%

1 x 2 @ 100%

1 x 1 @ 102%

THANBKS FOR THE INPUT GUYS, THATS WHAT THIS FORUM IS ALL ABOUT. BY the way, I am not on anything except creatine but i have been lifting for 11 years so over time one can get get strong without “supplements”

one more thing-- ihave done all these with a 211 tempo, should I drop the one second pause at the bottom? Take advantage of stretch shortening cycle?

That depends if you want to train/exploit the SSC. If you’re looking to hypertrophy your fast twitch fibers, you’re probably better off leaving the pause in. Although there is a question of whether there is enough volume (ie, sets) to hypertrophy those fibers anyway, but I’ll leave that for debate.

If, however, you’re looking to lift the maximum weight possible, be ‘explosive’, or train the SSC, then ditch the pause. I, personally, have always tried to employ it. Controlled excentric to an explosive concentric in pretty much every core lift. But then again, I’m not necessarily looking for hypertrophy either.