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Need Help with Waking Body Temprature


So I have taken my temperature for the past week, upon waking / prior to any activity other grabbing the thermometer / sub-lingual. As well as right before lunch (around 11:00-11:130). Results:


According to the Thyroid sticky, this indicates a problem. As you can see from my previous posts, I have been supplementing with Kelp every day @ 3 capsules at a time along with my other supplements. I don't seem to be afflicted by any of the following Symptoms: - there are others... (copied from thyroid sticky)but I also don't want this to snownball into a larger issue.
Dry skin
Brittle nails
Low body temperatures
General hair loss [not MPB]
Thinning of outer eyebrows
Hormone problems
Brain fog
Low energy

Wondering if I should add some additional Iodine to my daily intake? Or increase my Kelp dosage?

The link

has helped a lot and according to it & the Dr., seems that I should just up my Kelp dose rather than add something such as Lugol's solution, as he seems to find the liquid somewhat toxic.
What would you recommend?

Also, any thoughts to my previous post on 11-10-15 (Advice on dialing in my levels)?


Have you had your rT3 levels tested?


Yes, full blood panel results posted in (Advice on dialing in my Levels- thread on 10-28-15).
Quick view:

rT316.9``ng/dl````range``9.0-27.0 TSH1.1uiu/ml```range0.5-4.7
Free T33.5``pg/ml````range``2.3-4.2 Free T41.02ng/dl```range0.73-1.95