Need Help with Video Setup

I’ve always liked that so many people here come from different backgrounds, and as such I’ve certainly been appreciative as others have helped me with a few tech issues over the years.

At the moment, I’m trying to figure out a few issues involving video creation. Specifically the incorporation of 3 feeds (via Skype or other method I assume) into one screen which could be captured and produced as a Vlog or videocast of sorts. Additionally, while I know how to make use of green sacreen post recording, how one might go about utilizing it concurrently with the initial capture if possible (I’m thinking weathermen do this, right?)

While I’ve been able to make short little basically edited videos in the past, I’m hoping to move beyond this, and would welcome any help that could be provided. Either here, or just finding and shooting me a DM anywhere else.

Thanks T-Folk!