Need Help with Upper Arm Cuts

Hey peeps,
Im 25 years old, 5"7, 70kg, 10% body fat.
I want to lean down my upper arms. Cut upper arms look frickin’ badass, and Ive never had any definition in that area, despite being relatively lean.
Is it just a matter of increasing muscle mass in that area? Is there specific exercises that increase the upper arm cut?

In BioSignature, the tricep measurement is related to the androgens, but Im not sure if my T level (500) will negatively affect definition on the entire upper arm. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance

I find it interesting that some people’s bodies can simply store fat in more uncommon patterns. I have a female comeptitor I’m working with now who is a good 8 weeks out from her show, with shredded abs, cuts in her upper legs, and yet soft looking arms.

What I find myself coming back to, and I don’t know if there’s truly any scientific evidence to support this or not, is something an old college professor said to me. Basically it was his thinking that your body will naturally lose bodyfat in the reverse order that it was put on initially. Now where your body packs it on is genetic as far as I know, and I can personally attest to seeing this pattern of loss in myself and other competitors as well. I’d be a month or so out from a contest, upper body shredded to hell (veins running through my abs, my obliques, even some feather in my back -as creepy as that sounds), and yet my lower body (legs, glutes) were still fairly smooth from remaining bodyfat.

When you say that you’re 10%, and I mean this as objectively and nicely as I can put it, are you seriously 10%, or just guessing, using a handheld bf tester, or even some plastic calipers? I ask because the amount of people who claim 10%, and the amount of people who truly are (and understand what it looks like) is a vastly different figure. Also, as you alluded to, increasing muscle mass will always be helpful in creating a look of more definition. Just think about it, more muscular bulk pushing out and stretching against your skin, of course it will help :slight_smile:


You can’t target fat. Some folks hold fat in some areas, some in others. Men typically hold fat around the waistline and in the chest. Women typically hold it in the thighs/hips. Each person is individual.

You can’t get “arm cuts” by targetting arm fat. You will have to lean out/down and your body will burn fat equally as it goes. The areas that retain fat will be the last to go - I would estimate this wouldn’t be your arms.

Your only other option is to continue to add mass to your arms.

Arm lipo

Also, you most likely aren’t 10%. Do you know what 10% looks like? I’m above that marker and have separation in my triceps and deltoids. Its retarded post-workout.

Just add mass, and get an accurate idea of where your bodyfat really is.

And to be completely honest, the T level is kind of silly. 500 is right in the mid-range and to state that it might have an impact is way overthinking it at the least and full retard at the most. What would your test level have to do with how cut you look?

Just lift, eat, rest and repeat.

@quasti-tech, do you think perhaps “lift, eat, sleep, repeat” may have occurred to me before? I referenced my T level because of the link I pointed out in the BioSignature method. I’m not saying that it’s gospel, but it’s an idea.

You are asking a question and providing reasoning that shows you are over-thinking it. Yes, my last post was a bit tongue in cheek - the point is - stop over-thinking and just do it. Lean out or build more muscle.

There are lots of ideas out there, people are happy to share them, especially if it gives them some time in the spotlight.

Get a solid idea of where your bodyfat is, then make the decision to get leaner. Put time into developing more muscle and you’ll get the cuts and striations you’re looking for. The leaner you get the more cuts will show, but the muscle needs to be there. Good luck.

The answer is simple! Gain more muscle and lose more bodyfat :wink:

On a serious note though, either you aren’t lean enough, are not carrying enough muscle mass or a combination of the two.

If I was you I would work on slowly gaining muscle while keeping fat gains to an absolute minimum. More muscle with the same amount of fat looks like less fat :wink:

Good luck

Thanks for your responses fella’s. Maybe I am just overthinking it. I’ll alter my training and nutrition to increase mass, see if more mass improves how they look.