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Need Help With TV Story


I'm doing a story on carrots.


Bro, I'd give up on this. Times are too dangerous and there is no worthwhile reason for Steroid users to draw attention to themselves.


I understand...
that's why I've broaden the spectrum of the story...

It doesn't have to be a person who has used steroids...I would love to talk with a natural bber or even someone who knows people who have done cycles...


Why don't you just try to do a piece about getting cigarettes and alcohol banned because they kill more users and (worse) those around users.

Try to do a story about why no one is trying to make that illegal.

You are insane if you think you will get any more help than that.


Actually I did do one yesterday...they are banning smoking in bars around here.

Thanks for the tip!


Three cheers to T-Nation. Unity.


Why dont you just make some shit up? Its not like "the media" hasn't done that before! I mean what type of slant would you give it anyway? A positive one? hell no you wouldn't and don't act like you would. If you did you would probably be fired.


Good questions!

My story is simple. It would be wherever the interview took us. Positive, negative, whatever that may BUT it must have balance. THe story must have balance.

Unfortunately, like everything a few people create a stereotype that's tough to shake. You are running with the media making up stuff and then also running with the anti-steroid slant.


I'm not too sure that the media understands the word 'balance'. Isn't the media's perception of balance tied to ratings?

There are gyms in your area. Why don't you try going to one instead of pimping for free info on an internet message board?


I and I am sure others would have no problem talking with you, however the moment you put anyone on camera, and reveal their identity, that kind of ruins things. See people have careers and reputations that will undoubtedly be ruined because of those media stereotypes. I suggest you report the facts, Do a survey, interview individuals, to report your findings, but don't attempt to put them on camera, because seriously, you would have to be pretty stupid to agree to an on camera interview with a reporter. I have seen this done before, and of course the reporter chose a pretty stupid subject for her interview, and it just served to reinforce the above stated stereotypes.


Let me guess what would happen here. The steroid user would be interviewed with hopes of showing how steroids can be used safely when done in low doses and correctly. This would be assured by you. After it goes to editing, they throw in the Lyle Alzado clips and other incorrect stereotypes of steroid users, it becomes a typical media smear campaign. It's sweeps after all. I bet you'll even use these posts as part of your story. If you want a real story, go interview Dr. Norman Fost of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is an incredibly intelligent man with no hidden agendas, he speaks about steroids openly. He can give you a very unbiased and informative piece. Do a Google search on him and for once, put an opposing viewpoint into the typical steroid slander story from a well respected individual instead of from the usual clueless juicer used for these stories.


I have to go to work but had to post real quick...

You guys have fallen into your own stereotype trap.

You are doing the same thing that you are afraid I'm going to do...


As I said in my original post...I am flexible.


congrads on giving an alternative and not just being negative.



To give a little insight on the world of journalism...this may help.

Bascially...as a reporter you must become a mini expert on the subject you are assigned daily.

The problem is you get reporters/anchors/producers who don't do their homework and then the shit hits the fan.

Luckily, supplements,training,etc...is a passion of mine so I have a good solid base from reading, researching and visiting sites like this...

So...I guess I feel confident that I can ask the right questions and present the story in a balanced manner.


Oogie, this is TC, one of the co-owners of the site. Send me a note at TC@T-Nation.com. I think I know someone in Massachusetts who would talk to you.


I think you guys are missing a good opportunity to shed some light on a very dark subject.
Oogie: Stop pandering for second hand information from people who know someone who uses steriods. That looks realy bad. It is one thing to use a first hand account, but if you go down the road of asking for people who know someone who uses, it appears desperate,like a person willing to take anything he can get just to make a story.


I compeletely agree...my apologies for not being clear on the "second hand" interview.

Obviously...my first and ultimate choice would be to get a person who has done cycles.

Now...once I get my primary interview...if I get someone who's realtive, friend, etc... has done them I would see if they could get in contact with them and ask if they would be interested in doing the story.

If not...it's a secondary interview that may go along depending on the person.

I would not run a story solely with a secondary interview...looks extremely weak and in my opinion embarassing to me.

I really want to stay away from the secondary ones but you never know...someone may have a great story and if I can work with them...it may turn into a primary interview.

It's tough to really get specific on these threads because my answers tend to get long winded...that's why I suggest anyone evenly slightly interested...PM me and I can answer any question you have.

Hope that helps.