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Need Help with TRT Regimen

been on trt for over a year. nuts quit working. started on testim 1 tube felt great crashed after three weeks. havent been right since. Now i am on Foretesta 6 pumps a day. feel horrible sex drive comes and goes low energy brain fog all the usual stuff. my body hair is growing out of control but balding faster.
stats 6’2 , 350 lbs., 33 yo, lift heavy.
meds, celexa, multi, foretesta

t= 455
e2= 62
i remeber those numbers i am looking for the lab sheet. but the doc said i am fine.
could this be an adrenal problem or an e2, or dht?
please help. i am seeing a new doc in a few weeks.

Your body is converting the T to E2 and DHT.
You need to use an AI to reduce your E2 # down to the low to mid 20’s
Without E2 management TRT is basically worthless.

I’d suggest you read the Estradiol sticky: