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Need Help with TRT Protocol

Hi guys I’m looking for some help with my protocol on trt. I inject 100mg test cyp weekly divided into 2 doses . I inject every 3.5 days subq Thing is my estrogen has been creeping up on me. My last lab test taken the day of injection, before the injection.
Test 590
Estradiol 72
I have some Arimidex 1mg tab to control the estrogen but don’t know how much and when I should be taking it. I feel all the symptoms of high estrogen. Thanks!

What are the symptoms that you have? How long have you been on TRT?

I been on trt for 7 months, first started 100mg in injections but I felt horrible doing that only did it for 3 weeks. Then switched to subq and I Started feeling a bit better until like 4 months ago. I started feeling anxious, kinda unmotivated I had brain fog, I wasn’t tired but like I was unmotivated to do things. Anyway I got my doctor to test my estrogen with a estradiol test that’s how it came out high but he said it’s withn the limits lab guide is <22 - 75 he didn’t not want to prescribe anything for the estrogen.

We need to know quite a bit more, we need SHBG levels which I’m going to guess is quite low. If you have low SHBG <20 you are on the wrong protocol. We also need to know pre-TRT estrogen levels.

Low SHBG men do best on ED or EOD injections using smaller dosages. My SHBG is on the lower end 16-22 and do good on EOD injections, but do incredible well on a daily protocol using 29 gauge insulin syringes in the shoulders and quads to minimize muscle tissue damage and make my life as painless as possible.

Doctors that fixate on labs and ignore symptoms are to be avoided, how you feel is more important than some dumb number on a piece of paper. Sounds like your doctor lacks good judgement and why he fixates on ink on paper.

A true hormone specialist can optimize you based on your symptoms without any lab testing, endo’s, uro’s and GP’s tend to chase lab numbers for lack of knowledge.

Oh ok I will test for shbg
I remember my natural testosterone before trt was
190 and back then the docotor tested for estrogen and not estradiol which was 17.
Do you take anything for estrogen?
Well anyway untill I fuigures what my shbg is i gotta control this estrogen for now. Any advice on that for the protocol I’m on now?

Do you know the actual number? I would be hesitant to mess with the E2, it’s more likely you need a bigger dose of test.

You want to dial-in without an AI if you can help it. This is why I chose a daily protocol, very small dosage (7-10mg). I over-respond to any amount of AI and completely wrecks me, we have some men on this forum who are also over-responders. It turns out I never really had symptoms of high estrogen, it was an iron and potassium deficiency that was causing my issues.

Testosterone is about midrange and estrogen very high, this is estrogen dominance, the hormone profile of a women. Men need testosterone high in relation to estrogen, a typical healthy male will see Total T 800 and estrogen at 30. Yours is upside down.

And your doctor that this was alright…

This guy is going to Retired so I’m guessing he’s not giving a F right now. They supposed to have a new endocrinologist next month

The endocrinologists are typically the worst, you’ll need to seek out a private doctor for your TRT because there is no doctor in managed healthcare that specializes in TRT. This visit will be no different than before, all doctors in managed healthcare do not give a F about TRT because they do not specialize in it.

You need an anti-aging or sports medicine doctor, managed healthcare doctors are typically clueless and cluelessness breeds inaction to take the appropriate action.

My advice, miss that appointment.

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If the new guy is a young guy, that might be a winner.

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