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Need Help with Tren PCT

So im a 40 year old male in week 5 of a trenA 75mg/ed, Test cyp 500mg/week, Rexogin (injectable winny) 100mg/ week Cycle and i feel like shit. Emotions all over the place, sleepless, tired, etc. This is my 3rd cycle but first time with tren. I wanted to try and cut a little of the fat gain i got with last cycle. I try to keep the diet perfect but im not 100 % with it. (hard with wife and 3 kids). Im thinking i want to come off completely or at least drop to just the test cyp. Was planning on 8 week cycle. Can i get some advice on a good PCT to end now AND an alternative PCT for just dropping to test cyp and finishing out my 3 weeks with that? I have Caber, anastrozole, arimidex, nolva and clomid on hand but thats it. No hcg. Thanks in advance.

Pct is gonna look the same amno matter how you do it.

Nolva 40/40/20/20 starting 2 weeks after last test cyp shot.

Off topic question. Besides feeling like shit what have you noticed physique wise from running that tren dose so far for 5 weeks?

The effects have been good, ive lost 6 lbs but my arms/ shoulders have gotten bigger, strength up too but that could be from the rexogen as much as anything else.

Here’s another idea.

Drop your test down to 150 mg/week (75 mg twice a week) this might help with some sides.

it’s not gonna help the common tren sides but it might help some with the mental/emotional sides. You could also try running some adex for a couple weeks once you drop test to get your E2 a bit lower.

My understanding is high E2 can exasperate tren sides. This is why I think it’s best to keep test as low as possible(minimize aromoatization) especially for a first time tren cycle.

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Just drop the tren. It’s not for everybody and you’ve got four people in your house that depend on you being mentally and physically healthy. It’s not worth it.

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I appreciate that. I run my own business too and the stress that comes with that doesnt help. For the most part ive been able to keep myself in check, im mature and not prone to anger anyway but ya… Wife and kids always come first for sure.

I think what zeek is saying makes a ton of sense though- I did a switch from prop to cyp starting week 3 and maybe its just aromoatization thats getting me? I hate to abandon this cycle if it can be salvaged as it is doing its job but if just stopping the tren is the only way to get my head back to what it should be ill do it.
My wife is super cool and patient, i explained what i was going through and she just laughs and says the same thing happens to her once a month so… :slight_smile:

That makes a lot of sense. I actually started out with test prop and switched over to test cyp. The x2 daily pins were kickin my ass. So i had to keep going with the test prop and work into the half life of the Test Cyp so I would think for a couple weeks at least- test levels would be high enough to aromoatize for sure. Ill try dropping the test way down. I only have been running it at that level because my last cycle was 750/ week. Heres another question- after my last cycle my libido vanished, even with full PCT. Is that pretty normal when running test that high? My first cycle was 500/ week and not that impressive so i thought maybe the gear i have just wasnt as strong as labled and ran next one at 750mg. It was much better but had higher sides for sure- night sweats, insomnia but not the mental stuff i have going on now. The common tren sides didnt scare me because everything i read pretty much said it would be the same as i had already experienced with high test- night sweats, insomnia, ect. This being on the edge of breaking down into tears and ultra high anxiety all the time is more than i can handle.

I fell you. Once I start something I’m very dedicated to finishing it. The feeling of 100% completion is a great thing! But as iron said and as I’m sure you as a mature adult know family is priority if it gets to bad you gotta Ditch it.

Remember it’s gonna take a couple week for the levels to drop properly once you chnage the dose so give it some time.

I see a lot of people having this complaint. It’s understandable your essentially running off little to no test for a bit before the boy start pumping again. As long as you snap back I wouldn’t worry about it.

Ya if reasonable try getting that test way down and see how you feel in a couple weeks maybe dose some adex at 0.5 EOD for the 2 weeks while dropping test to bring E2 down make sure you don’t crash it this can be tricky I think 1.5 mg a week for 2 weeks won’t crash you but should do a good job lowering it

Normally I tell people to stay away from adex as much as possible but in your situation it could be the best option for bringing down estrogen while you bring your test levels down to a trt dose.

Also how are you running that injectable winny? I see you said 100mg/week is that 30mg EOD?

I miss-spoke there sorry. Im running it at 100mg/eod. I did the same at the end of my last cycle- a 12 week. I ran the rex for the last 4 weeks and just got stronger. Noticed a little joint pain but got strong as hell.

That’s a good solid dose. And supposedly dht drugs help when ran with tren so that’s a good approach I think.

Winstrol also lowers shbg so lowering your test dose won’t be an issue you will still have plenty of free test floating around

I noticed the same thing on oral winny it gave me crazy strength. When I thought I was done with a set I’d get 4-6 more reps out easily

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Ok. one last question then. The Cyp i have is ampules at 250mg/100ml. Is it cool to divide it up and leave it in syringes that long? I guess i could get some vials and dump a 10 pack of ampules into that and then draw it. Just want to keep it sterile.

Syringes are sterile. If it’s going from from sterile environment to another your fine storing it in syringes.

Sweet. I just did the math, wrote it out on my calender and have it nailed down. If i have 250mg/100ml ampules and want to do 150mg/week should be 75mg/30ml 2x week. Thanks for helpin a guy out!

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