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Need Help with Training/Test Levels/Libido

Hey Christian, sorry in advance for my English.

My last 2 years of training was an up and down cycle. I started lifting big weight and was training for strenght and size. I liked to do bodybuilding too so i was training more like a PowerBuilder.

I am a boy, 22 years old, Im a neuro Type 2A, the 3-4 years before training with big lift and big weight i was always 100% ready to kill the workout. In a very good Mood, it was the 16 to 22 years old years so maybe thats the age too , testosterone is higher, i dont know but it was a time i can do anything i want in the gym and always feel good. (but im just 22 years old now not really older).

I really love training, i can’t live without gym, i am still training at the gym, changing program often and i am doing crossfit courses too ! I am training 5-6 times a week, training is my priority. I dont think i am killing my body with volume, big big weight or anything else i like to lift heavy but now i dont care if i dont upgrade weight every week. I want to be in good shape and be ‘‘hybrid’’ i mean be good in everything ( cardio , powerlift, crossfit, bodybuilding, gymnastic ).

I never took any steroid or things like that, i already used testosterone booster. Im taking basic supplement like BCAA, CREATINE, Vitamine, Omega…I am following a diet well balance, not cheating or eating Junk every week, these day im really strict i want to have the best summer shape i ever had next years.

The problem arrived in the sametime or approximatly with my ex girlfriend, i start lifting really heavy and i really want to improve my lift, i was younger and i was not listening too my body. It arrived when we was in bed, we start kissing and doing things and i was not able to get a boner. I remember the time i was with my first girlfriend and i had to masturbate before she arrived because i was too horny and still had sex immediatly when she arrived. So in the past i thought that it was my girlfriend the problem and not me i was younger and dont understand the problem. But after that ( i didnt know at this time ) but when i was doing more bodybuilding work the problem disapear and everything was good. We it was doing this i was like oh it was a bad week, start strenght work and harder program and it started again…for maybe 1 year ! After that i start to look at this and try to find the best way to train and too keep my libido. Now its been 2 years and i still dont understand my body, i change my way to train, i train more intelligently but sometimes it happen again when i push myself to much. My body going to 300% for a month and then going down to 50% for 2 weeks. I try to be at 150% but every week ( its an example how my body is going ).

I dont feel depress, i can get a boner but it take 1 min of touching when im down and when im high i just think of it and im hard… well i think you can understand what i mean !
but i dont feel like dump, i feel more like lazy in the wod example its harder to push the limit. I dont think thats my testosterone too because i have really really high test when im not in my down ! but cant keep this thats what i dont understand !

I dont know if you understand the part of the ‘‘problem’’ or u already see something like that with your client.

sorry for my English again and thank you for your help.

You’ll want to edit this down. Too long for CT to wade through.

Thank you… I don’t have time to sit down an analyze walls of text. If you have a lot to say please make bullet points and use the least amount of text.

He wasted a good damn 5 minutes of your time and probably gave you a headache. Downfalls of being a prestigious coach, not many people know how to communicate with one. It’s either a YES or NO.

Not really. I don’t see myself as prestigious and certainly do not have the elitist attitude that many coaches do. I genuinely want to help people out. I answer to dozens of people everyday either here, on my website, on social media or by email (even by text). I also have 100 online clients who ask daily question. And that’s only a small part. I understand that a lot of people have busy schedule… a lot more than mine. But when you have to answer 30+ questions every day for 10+ years at one point some things just rub you the wrong way. Sorry if it makes me sound like an arse. But I believe that I’ve shown that I’m one to go the extra mile and provide free support as much as I can.

But wall of texts just put me in a negative mindset and really do not make me want to answer the question. Especially when there is no real question in 4 paragraph of text

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This is likely an excess cortisol issue which leads to a decrease in testosterone, estrogen and DHEA. All of which will kill your libido. You might not THINK you are doing too much volume, but you probably are. At least for your lifestyle.

If your problem is overproducing cortisol (and it likely is) then it means that your body is chronically under stress. And doing more volume will just raise cortisol even more. The Crossfit workouts likely have the highest impact on your cortisol levels.

You might tell me “but I’m not doing more volume than when I was younger and I was fine” … that might be true. But when we are younger we have super high testosterone levels and they do decrease once you move on the other side of 20. So it’s much easier to get low testosterone levels from excess cortisol when you get older. Not only that, but when we are young we are not stressed. We don’t have a job, have to pay for an appartment or food, etc. So our life stress is much lower which leads to lower cortisol levels throughout the day… so even if they spike more with training it doesn’t matter much because it is low most of the day. But if your stress level is higher throughout the day, it’s much easier to suffer from too much volume.

“Yes but some people are doing even more volume than me and they are fine”… first you do not know if they are fine or not. Few people talk about their sexual problems. I have worked with a lot of elite athletes who couldn’t get an erection for a few weeks before a competition. But you would never know from looking at them. Very few people (none) will just walk up to you and say “hey, I can’t get a boner”. And even if they are fine and doing more volume than you doesn’t mean that you should be able to do more volume. Everybody differ in their capacity to manage stress. Some produce more cortisol, some less. Some actually get more GH release instead of cortisol when under stress!

If it is a low Testo/estrogen/DHEA due to a chronically elevated cortisol you MUST decrease cortisol levels and that includes modifying the way you train.

Your nutrition might also be worth looking into. Might be too low in essential fatty acids.

I’m not a doctor, I can’t give you more advice.

You’re right. I thought he was trolling you but it seems like a sincere post now afterall.

Thank you for the answer sir ! And no it was not a troll i dont have 30 mins too loose to right a text in english when its not my first language !

Great info CT, its true that i felt more stressed, but was still able to upgrade big lift weight week after week that was strange !

I will look how i can reduce volume of my training !!

Well how to train frequently and stay with a low cortisol ? Is it possible ? Or i have to take more off days

I don’t know how you train so I can’t make specific recommendations. But the overall amount of training certainly is too much. Now, is it from too much frequency, too much volume or bad training choices, impossible to know without having more info.

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my training Schedule look like this :

Monday : Crossfit = Activation, strenght part and then the Wod ! i like too do stretching at the end of the workout ( everything take 1 hour ).

Thuesday : Gym= I like to vary what i am doing, but i like this kind of approach , small activation, big lift (3x6, 3x5, 3x3…i vary the rep scheme), and then 2-3 isolation work with higher reps.

Wedesday : I take it off, i like to take a 30 mins walk with stretching at home.

thursday : crossfit again

friday : Gym, same kind of day as thuesday depend how i feel.

saturday : Bicep / tricep isolation day, in supersets first exercises 3x6, second 3x12, last one 3x20…its look like this.

Sunday : Completly OFF.

*I like to take walk at night when i can
*Im not pushing myself to the limit on big lift

  • sometimes im supersetting muscle as my Bicep/Tricep day, or i can do triple sets, like i said i like to vary