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Need Help with Training - Losing Interest!


so ive been training on and off for about 5 years .. been hard at it now for about a year and a half and ive yet to get the results i would like.. i want to stay natural etc.. been doing body building and strength trainning ... swappin them up i used to be 163 im 182 now .. what im looking for is a good workout routine to get me some results i want kind of a mixture of body building and strength functional stuff ... so heres some info on what im eating...

morning meal - turkey bacon x4 with 3 free range eggs.. also 60gram protein shake with berrys

10:00 snack: Cottage cheese berrys

12:00 usually a wrap with turkey lettuce cheese etc usually whatever i had the night before for dinner

2:00 -- yogurt almonds(plain) with usually some cheese slices...

4:00 oatmeal ( 1 cup) protein shake 60g's protein plus berrys and milk

6:00 : Either chicken fish or steak with veggies !!!

8:30 " Protein shake 60g's protein berrys etc...

also am drinking alot of water daily ..

just looking for some solid advice to make some gains ive been stuck at the same size for about 6 months now and its driving me crazy ..

as far as trainning goes im making the gym at least 4-5 times a week

thanks alot


eat more, are you even getting enough protein in that diet?
How are you lifts progressing - where did they start etc?


Most of your protein is directly or at least indirectly from milk, and what's with all the berries? Looks like very little fat too.

P: chicken breast, salmon, tuna, ground beef
C: oats, rice, potatoes
F: olive oil, coconut oil, walnuts, nut butter

Just a "few" of the staples you are almost completely missing.

Post your current training split and some of your strength numbers.


"Strength functional stuff"

What is this?


Calculate the macros on the diet you posted. That will answer your question.


As stated, eat more. Period.

Program: Since you are looking for strength functional stuff?? and BB, try Westside for Skinny Bastard (WS4SB)

Consistency is key. Work on that also.

Keep a log, start a food log (as mentioned by BlueCollar).

You have done some gains, now time to step it up.

Consistency is key.


crossfit... obvi


A very estimated calculation of your macros from what i see there is

220g protein
115g carb
40g fat

1700 calories give or take a 100-300

hell even if im off by 600 cals which Im not your still eating way too little

theres your answer right there

as far as your training even though its probably too advanced for your current abilities from what im gathering CTs superhero program

if it was me, I would just train like a bodybuilder, try and get stronger on your compounds and then a few times a week do mobility, speed etc drills at a seperate time or after your weight training


I'm guessing you just mean general athleticism by "strength functional stuff." You ever try the power variations of olympic lifts? Pretty fun, and in my experience they build a lot of explosiveness while still bringing some good structural gains. That might be a good way to get the bodybuilding and functional elements in the same package.

Also, you might want to keep the fruit to breakfast and try some rice or oats for carb sources later in the day. My understanding is that the fructose in it is good for replenishing liver glycogen (which is really only a concern in the morning following the night's fast), but not great for replenising muscle glycogen. Just a thought, fruit is still relatively healthy and won't kill you or anything obviously.


Im havin the same problems toooo. My diet consists of bananas for the sugarz and whipped cream for the proteen.
Would do I need to change to make gaynz?


you are doing fine. Just take a program from the Muscle & Fitness and do it verbatim. Change the numbers you post in forums and viola, the gaynz start.


hey sorry for long delay all i mean by functional is not all body building considering i play sports etc if i just body built it would slow me down .. all of my lifts have went up max bench was 315 not to long ago deadlifts were 405 and squats have fell down a bit but probably max around 350 legs our my weak point .. now i dont want to be massive what i would like to to be a lean dense 185 so id need to gain about another 3 pounds but i need to be leaner for sure ... with my shakes alone im taking in 180 grams of protein just in shakes a day? do you mean getting rid of the shakes and eating more chicken rice etc for protein from that versus the shakes?? is there a good diet out there that i could try and ive tryed west side skinny bastards before but ill stick to it again for longer .. all this information is great thanks guys let me know what else i could do ... and if you have a link for a solid workout routine or diet let me know just trying to get back on track


Here's a little secret, the program doesn't really matter. It seems to be all you are worrying about when your diet is shit and needs addressing before anything else. With the right eating any training that is not retarded will get you headed in the right direction.


those lifts are not your maxes, you eat like a poverty stricken african child


those lifts our my maximum actually there bud im looking for good advice here like i said im trying to get lean dense gains not just blow up and get soft .. so what would be a good diet to be on ? and as far as my diet goes im pretty sure it isn't that bad , looks pretty healthy to me im pretty sure there is far worse meals out there to eat then that stuff so if you dont have any good input dont bother posting thanks


Why are you asking for advice on your diet if you're SURE it isn't bad? I'm confused, were you just looking for approval for what you're already doing? You're eating around 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight while eating low carb AND low fat. I'm failing to see how that will fuel size or performance gains. The "eat more" comments weren't just people being assholes.


at 10:00, have some wheat crackers with cottage cheese, instead of berries(triscuits and pineapple cottage cheese is fantastic). have some nuts/trail mix with lunch at 12:00(increase fats) also at 2:00, have a pb&j with your yogurt instead of cheese slices. these adjustments should help boost your carbs and fats. also, you could switch the evening shake to a casein shake and add some more cottage cheese. these are some of the changes i've made in an effort to increase fats and overall calories.


all i ment by my diet was there was a few comments saying it was crap its not a crap diet nothing crappy on that as far as foods go not like im eating fast food or anything like that all i ment was it was not crap food just needs some adjusting thanks for the advice on what to add to my meal plans i appreciate it and like i stated before just trying to tune in everything to get the most outta working out


you dont even know how food works ok bud, lol please


You have the right idea about what to eat, just eat wayy more. Add in more carbs and fat too.