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Need Help With Training/Diet Plan!!


I started taking HOT-ROX 3 weeks ago but I havent really experienced the weight loss that I was hoping I would. Is there anyone out there that could help me set up a diet and training plan for me so I can start seeing some results?

The only issue I have is that I have to eat at work - not always healthy food I must say - but besides that it would be no problem for me to eat right. I currently weigh 150 - would love to get it down to 125-130ish. I am 5?8 and 26 years old. PLEASE help me...


Come on, did you even try reading anything on this site? Anything? Put yourself on a diet and exercise plan and stop trying to get about $150.00 worth of advice when it is right here... if you look for more than 10 seconds, you will find answers.

Damn lazyness is a disease.



Excuse me, but are you male or female?


If you are male and 5'8 150 you do not need any fat-loss supplements.


The last thing I am is lazy!! Being a girl I have never really read any books or articles about the right way to train - sorry if that makes me lazy. I just thought that this with be a good place to get help and not get put down. I dont know where to look since this is the first time I am using this site - so if there is anyone out there who would like to guide me in the right direction without acusing me of be lazy please do... thank you


I am female and new to this site


You may want to start reading here:


A nice compilation of articles geared towards women compiled by Jillybop.


Welcome. Apart from Sabrina's link, you might find some good information in this recent thread:


Good luck.


Thank you so much... Great articles!!