Need Help with Tight Hips

Alright. My striking sucks. I have no power behind my punches. Finally frustrated about this, I went to a buddy of mine who does a lot of combat sports and is an instructor at a local boxing gym. Told him my problem and asked if he thought I should join the gym. He told me that for what I wanted, it wasn’t worth it bc the gym right now was mainly a bunch of cardio classes and for what I wanted I’d have to do private lessons which the school requires their instructors to charge $70/hour plus monthly fees. Son instead, he’s giving me $20/hour private lessons outside of the school.

He leaves for Thailand for three months this week, goes there every year to train in Muay Thai. Wednesday, he told me my biggest limiting factor right now with my punches are my tight hips. I’m not snapping through enough and transferring enough power. He gave me a couple of drills to do the next three months (side to side rotations holding weight and one where you lay on your back with feet on the floor and thrust up, cant remember the name) along with a few stretches.

My question, anyone else have any ideas for exercises or drills to loosen up my hips or do you think those few things are sufficient?

stretching, “ladder” footwork drills, rope jumping, sprints, use a slip bag or clothesline, mirror shadow boxing…

try stretching