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Need Help with the Math, HGH Dosage

Hello all.

I have Genotropin 12, but I do not have the pen and it seems like I can not get one.
So I have to use insulin syringes.

There are 36iu in the powder and 1ml B-water in the pack.
So am I right to asume that: 1/36 = 0.028 is one iu?
So for 2iu a day is 0.06ml?
My insulin syringes are 1ml so it seems like an awful small amount to inject.
Or I am misunderstanding the whole thing?

Im not following here, I have to measure the amount I inject in ml.

Look at your insulin syringe. See the hash marks? Each of those is 1/100th of a ml. Or, in more common terms, one international unit (IU). You have two different things that need to be combined. HGH is measured by IU when it’s both powder and as a reconstituted solution. But when it’s powder the concentration is absolute. When it is reconstituted the concentration is whatever you want it to be based on how much bac water you’re mixing in. Mix in 1ml of water and you divide the solution by 100iu. (Ignore the math on the last post, I’m answering this from the beach and there’s a chance I’m not 100% with it atm). 36/100= .36iu of HGH per IU of liquid.

Thanks, makes sense now. So for 2iu of HGH its 0.06ml/units in the syringe.

Yeah, so 6 units on a slim pin is going to be 2.16iu of GH. You must use an insulin syringe to dose this stuff though. You’ll lose your solution if you try to draw it and keep it in a regular syringe with a larger gauge needle.