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Need Help with Test/Var Cycle

Hey guys I am 6’1 195lbs at 12%bf.

I have been debating for a while on using AAS, and have decided to go through with it. I am not wanting to go with a very heavy cycle yet as I am mainly concerned with leaning out. I have been down to 9% bf before, but lost muscle. This time I want to lean out to maybe 7-8% without muscle loss.

So I originally was going to do a Var only cycle at 40mg ed for 7 weeks then run clomid at 50mg ed for 3-4 weeks. I am now thinking about using 250mg ew of test e for 10 weeks then run the var the last 7 of that. This is because i wa afraid that the var would shut me down and was hoping the test would keep me from that.

Now i am wondering how to handle PCT with this cycle to avoid side effects. The main reason I chose var was because of the low side effects, now I am a little worried at what the test e is going to do. By the way I am not interested in adding any other AAS to this or upping my doses, but I do need help with PCT so any help is appreciated

So you plan to lean down to about 180 lbs as you have to account for at least a couple lbs of muscle loss in the process.

In my opinion that isnt enough to bother with to lean down to. You just are not at the point yet where you need to or should incorporate AAS into your training.

btw…when you are shut down your shut down. This will happen on 250mg/wk or 500 or more. So there is no need at all to be pissing around with 250mg/wk.

Try some Alpha Male or something of that nature as it seems like something more up your alley. That and a cycle of chicken and rice.

I wont go into your crap cycle (which will have some effect BTW, but could be better constructed with slight editing), as you asked not to - but i do not think that your stats are not very impressive.
I am at LEAST as heavy as you, - currently heavier - but i am over 5" shorter!! And i am still not big enough to cut. If i cut now i’d honestly look tiny!!

This is a bodybuilding site steroid section… not a fitness model site steroid section…

What would gunther think…?